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Three ships are docked in Airlock 09 of an ancient space station floating on the periphery of a stellar nursery. The luminescent, translucent forcefield keeping the interior of the station from the harsh vacuum of space gives our travelers a sprawling view of the nebula, and a young protostar forming in a nearby gas cloud. The station comes to life as the last of the ships secures their interlocks, and the atmosphere is restored. Nur, what did the station look like on approach?

Lights at the airlocks of our three travelers' ships come on, signaling it is now safe to disembark. They are greeted by a gush of warm, clean air as their airlocks open one by one. The airlock is enormous — easily the size of an airplane hanger, and immaculately clean. Service drones swoop down from the ceiling like bats, and immediately begin the process of performing system checks on all of the ships. At the far end of the airlock, towards the core of the station, a door opens, and a plumed figure emerges. They begin making their way across the airlock towards our ships at a brisk pace. Four, who is this figure?

Dwi's airlock is the first to open, an eager French Bulldog bolts from the cargo bay, and starts exploring his new surroundings. Dwi emerges shortly thereafter, taking in his surroundings, and making sure Rocky doesn't get too far away. He squints under the station's environmental lighting, and combs his hair back into a ponytail to make himself appear more presentable. He's wearing a dark-grey fitted flight-suit, with a pair of sneakers, and an old tee whose graphics have long since faded. He eyes the figure making its way over to him, then looks over to the pair of ships who docked next to his, curious to see who emerges.

Both, what do we see as you emerge from your ships?


  • The station twinkled like the stars behind it, activity bustling behind the windows. As the ships got closer it was easier to make out the form, a huge, spiky, hub and spoke setup with corridors connecting the docking bays to the central station.
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    Nur steps from the ship, walking a few steps behind the elders, looking around curiously while trying not to be obvious about it. She's dressed in a simple white tunic and flowing, knee length trousers. Her leafy "hair" is bright and shiny beneath the lights, her bark-like skin glowing softly. It's the first time she's been off planet and she intends to make the most of it while not embarrassing her people. When the bulldog sniffs her curiously, she kneels to speak to it, holding her hand out in greeting as she has been taught is common among other species.

    Hello? I am Nur? Who are you?

    She chuckles when Rocky licks her hand.
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    The figure is the Liminal's partner- or rather, a hologram of their former partner. Every so often the light glitches and you catch it, otherwise they look very similar to the Liminal.

    Four emerges from the small ship that brought her here and looks around the room, her eyes moving quickly over the area, a smile playing at her face. She wears a gray linen tunic and sandals.

    Greetings, you are Nur. I am Four. This is Dwi and Rocky.

    Four nods at the approaching figure. You are Celeste, it is an honor to meet you.
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    Nur stands quickly and offers her hand to Four.

    You are Four? Should I lick your hand too?

    She looks back down at Rocky.

    Is it a custom for Dwi?
  • Four shakes Nur's hand, grinning. I would prefer you not lick my hand, thank you. I'm delighted to meet you, I've read what I can on your people,
    I would very much appreciate the chance to talk to you about your biology.

    Four steps over to shake Dwi's hand.
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    Dwi makes his way over to the gathering crowd, and whistles for Rocky to stop jumping on people. "Sorry," he offers, as Four approaches, "Rocky isn't much used to new people — he gets all excitable..." He eyes Four's hand as she extends it, years of baked-in instinct to protect his mother from whatever bacterial cultures he may have picked up from his father sound klaxons in his head. Even though he likely wouldn't suffer from casual contact, it's a hard habit to break when you spend most of your time alone. He does eventually smile and nod as he takes her hand and shakes it.

    This isn't the first time Dwi's seen, or even interacted with, a synthetic being — TASHA, his ship's AI, is perhaps the closest thing he's had to a companion for many years. "Pleasure," he adds, "you'd be the Minister, I take it?"

    When he turns to Nur, his eyes widen — you could count the amount of time Dwi has spent planetside in days, if not hours, and he's rarely ventured out into the wilderness on any of the planets he's visited... When the world you grew up on is as small as a spaceship, getting lost on a planet is a scary thought. Nur doesn't evoke that fear, though — Dwi doesn't know how to feel about her.

    It's just a moment too long before he catches himself staring, and he shakes his head in shame before offering his hand to Nur. "Sorry — I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of meeting one of your species. Last one that came through the Flotilla didn't spend much time off the capital ships."
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    Nur smiles back shyly.

    It is a pleasure to meet you. My people do not leave our planet often.

    She looks back down at Rocky.
    He is... What is the word?.. a pet?
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    Dwi's gaze follows Nur's down to Rocky, and he scratches at his hair nervously. "Rocky? I mean, I guess..." He kneels down and ruffles a bunch of Rocky's scruff. "What do you think, eh?" Rocky barks a few times, perhaps in protest, and Dwi chuckles, "yeah, you're probably right... If anything, I'm the pet in this relationship. You got any companions?"
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    She shakes her head.

    There are less sapient beings that we care for at home but they will not be joining us.
  • I am a minister, Dwi, yes. She dips her head down a bit in acknowledgement.

    Four picks up a case and moves towards the door, her brow furrowed just a bit. Please excuse me, I'm going to find my quarters. I will see you at dinner?

    Four heads out before anyone can say anything- it's the most peculiar feeling that she can't reconcile. Maybe because she's not spent much time away from the church?
    Perhaps it's because she's overwhelmed at travelling with the Liminal. In any case,
    she moves down the hall to her quarters.
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    Perhaps I should find my quarters as well. I look forward to seeing you again Dwi. You too Rocky.

    She reaches down to pet the pup.
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    Dwi whistles sharply, and Rocky comes trotting to his side. "Yeah, dinner sounds like a good plan." Dwi has been eating synthetic meats grown in his ship for the past several months while out on a surveying job, so the idea of eating something with flavor is extremely appealing to him.
    The hologram appears to be lagging a bit after Four's greeting. It jumps to life suddenly as the group prepares to leave. "Greetings Minister Four, Nur, and Dwi — the Liminal is grateful you have been able to come on such short notice. If you will follow me, I will guide you all to the habitation quarters."

    Celeste motions towards the door, and begins walking towards it. Along the way, she starts recounting various facts about Alpha Station, and the Liminal's involvement here. There is a lot of information to absorb, and it's difficult to know what will be necessary for the voyage ahead...

    End Scene
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