[AotA] Alpha Station :: Telemetry :: Scene 4

The next day, Four seeks out Nur and finds her in Telemetry. Lights move on glass displays, shiny and sterile. There is a large rectangular table in the center of the room, chairs meant to accommodate a range of beings around it.

Nur- what brought you here this morning?


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    Nur had been exploring and truthfully had gotten a little lost when she found herself in telemetry. She looks around, simultaneously entranced and terrified by the sterility of the room and it's contents. She sits in one of the chairs, looking at the lights on the walls cautiously, squeaking when a holographic display pops up. She looks up when the door opens, leaves flushing slightly with embarrassment. "Hello Four. I didn't touch anything, really."
  • Hellow, Nur. It's alright, these are all displays, you can play with them as much as you like.

    Four puts her hand to a display pane and the screens show an image from outside the station. She changes the display a couple more times, cycling between the status of the station and the closest planet.

    She settles on the pictures of their little group- The Liminal, Celeste, Four, Dwi and Nur, one on each pane.

    If it's alright with you, I'd like to share why I was brought on this mission?
  • Nur nods, envious of the ease she has with the technology. "I'd like that." Her eyes drift over the pictures, settling on the picture of Dwi with a small smile.
  • Four sits down beside Nur. "Celeste contacted me and asked me to join this group. She said that she wanted someone who she could talk to, who the Liminal could talk to, who you and Dwi could talk to.

    I was the last crewmember chosen, you see. We are all uniquely qualified to perform the tasks the Liminal will need us to. I will provide a sounding board to the crew as we travel. The journey is sure to provoke thoughts and feelings unfamiliar to us that we will need to process and deal with. I am here to listen and support."

    Four's face is warm and open, interested in Nur's reaction and response.
  • She's confused at first, then slightly embarrassed. "I'm still not quite sure why I was chosen. There were so many more of my people far more qualified than I am."
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