[BE] Character Concept Thread


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    Possible Character Concept Templates:


    A (personality trait) (profession/role) trying to (goal) despite her (flaw).

    Extended (add some of the following statements to above.):

    She wants to become (profession/positive trait), achieve (social status), overcome/move beyond (past trouble, mistake, tragedy). She believes in (ideal or personal credo) and can’t stand people who (believe other credo/behave in a certain way). People know her as (reputation) and expect that she will (achieve/fail/become something).

    She is a part of (social group), is expected to obey (authority figure), assisted by (friend/group of friends), is opposed by (rival group).

    She wants to earn respect/love of (NPC), see (NPC2/rival group) get their just desserts for (dirty deed), help (NPC3) deal with (problem/flaw), fulfill (promise made) for (NPC4), and protect (NPC5) from (personal flaw, danger, other NPC or group).

  • Character Concept Questions from the Book.

    Is your character a member of a faction?
    The government? The military? What
    does he do in that organization? How
    does he serve? In what capacity? Is he
    experienced? A veteran? A neophyte?

    If your character is not a member of any
    of the elements you brought into the world
    via world burning, what the hell is doing
    here? If he’s an outsider, what ties him
    to this conflict? Who are his family? His
    friends? How are they entangled in the
    fate of this world?

    What does your character want in this
    struggle? What does he hope to gain?
    What is he willing to sacrifice? How far
    will he go to get what he wants?
    Your character has family, friends,
    students, mentors and allies. Who are
    they? Some of them work for the other
    side. Why?

    Your character has a sordid/tangled/difficult past that
    led him to this juncture. Describe it briefly.

    Build your character into the conflict. Embrace it.
    Playing this game is about diving headlong into the
    conflict—you don’t know if you’ll surface again, but
    that’s part of the thrill.
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