[Snowpocalypse] Bad Knock Knock Jokes (H 5.1, S 5.1)

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Hadden and Silica,

It's been a few days since you buried Oakley. Did you do that together, or was it just on you, Hadden?

Hadden, CTO's been with you since you told him Oak was KIA, he's been on you, looking out for trouble, really earning his keep. But keeping up with all the work you've had to finish has been tough, down Oakley and not using K2. What have you told Handplant about that situation? She's not going to just let you stop her girl from earning, you know that.

Silica, you've still got that ice. You know T-Dog is expecting you are going to show up with his jingle. Let's see how well things are going for your new business. Roll me an Act Under Fire. With a 7-9, you broke even. With a 10+, you came out with a profit. On a miss, you're still holding the ice.

Merrell has shut down Underlake to outsiders. Even the mines are shut down. There was a big fucking firefight. You were locked out at the time, and you know Mimsy could get you back in, Hadden, but she's incommunicado. You've been topside this whole time, and well, nobody has gotten to the sub. Rossi, Arbor, pretty much everybody but Lemma is down there.

Lemma? Well, she's maybe down there by now. Maybe.

The pair of you are out on a delivery. Hadden, roll me some Moonlighting, choose this gig, please. The rest is up to you.

Here's the deal, Hadden. You've been offered primo jingle to get some gear across the lake. Could be a new opportunity, really good trade over there. Silica has the fastest ride, since you probably shouldn't be dealing with Stinky or the Skegs, right?

Are you on that lake run or something local? Either way, you're on Silica's stolen sled, riding.


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    From Hadden:

    It's on me. Always on me. I brung his body to his cousin Orbit. I mean, I could've just built a bier out by Palmer's... but I doubt he would've wanted that. Makes me think what I want when I die. Oakley, you know he hates the cold. We didn't bury him- we burnt him. It wasn't easy. A few tears were shed. A few beers were drunk. We sent him off pretty okay. Handplant was there. CTO, too. A few others. We got to talking, Handplant & me.

    So it goes- K2's got work again. But she doesn't get to drive the minitruck for a while yet. I need to look for more, steady honest work. Be real fucken nice if I had another vehicle for things. So I juggle. Silica can do deliveries on this mag sled, Handplant and K2 can handle the scavenging. CTO where needed. If Stink Bug and the Skegs both took a tearing down at Palmer's, maybe someone needs to get them talking instead of shooting. Ain't no more shrimps to shoot over, assholes.

    I'm not in the mood to fuck for jingle. I'm pulled too thin.

    I'm worried about Underlake folk, the fam, the sibs. I wonder if there's a side cave somewhere in Squirrel's tunnels that could lead back there. I think of Brother Rat. I wonder if I should've listened to Rossi and just murderized Merrell.

    Yeah, I need the primo jingle. Gotta TCB.
  • [OOC: Moonlighting, 5-juggling, roll+cool]
    • Deliveries (1-barter/bushwacked)
    • Brokering deals (1-barter/shut out)
    • Scavenging (1-barter/impoverished)
    • Obligation gig: Keeping K2 happy (you keep her happy / you fucking blow it)
    • Obligation gig: Keeping Tindy happy (you keep her happy / you fucking blow it)
    (Rolled: 2d6+3. Rolls: 4, 5. Total: 12)
  • Silica

    Yeah yeah, Ice. I haven't forgotten, just... burnin' shit and dead fuckers kind of got me distracted. Hadden's goin' off to him propa ok, and you know that ain't my thing... fuckin' excuses. I feel like I fucked up, why the fuck would Oakley want me hauntin' his funeral when I didn't do the first shit to save him?

    So fuck it, I'm hittin' the market to push this stuff. Keep on the down low, I'm not advertising but going to people I know are using. Scavs' fresh off the lake, few locals that I know. Sure.

    Hadden's been giving me deliveries, sure... gettin' out there bendin' corners fast feels good. I could get used to this. Been meaning to trade a bit of jingle for a can or two or spray color... make this sled a little more mine, you know? At least a little less Wonky's right?

    But... he hasn't noticed how I hang around a little more. No I'm not a fuckin' puppy followin' him but he fuckin' held me and said it'd be ok as long as we're together (ok, not in those words but what-the-fuck-ever) So I stick around a little bit.... when I ain't got somewhere else to be. He probably don't even know it.
  • Acting under fire to sell ice:
    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 1. Total: 4)
  • Silica, it's been bone dry, no takers, really. With Underlake shut down, folks are scrambling for jingle. So you're still carrying. Or, at least you were...

    You're riding across the lake with Hadden when you realize the extra ice you had is gone. Where did you sleep last night? Maybe its back there? Hey, how much time has passed anyway, has it been a whole week already?

    Hadden, what is it that you're taking across the lake to try and trade? Roxy sent word for you to pick up a package from Benton Harbor. There's a clinic there, they have some meds she needs.

    Up ahead you see the harbor, way off in the distance. Probably fifteen minutes ride at this speed.

    Silica, you recognize this place, of course. It's your old home. Did you realize this was where you were headed? Looks odd from this side of the lake, doesn't? Kind of tranquil.
  • Silica

    Shit, nobody's buyin... underlake fucked up, nobody makin' the crossing... the hell happened anyway? Somethin' blew the fuck up right?

    So burnin' across the lake, fast... that feels good. What the fuck is T-Dog gonna do anyway? He needs me...

    But then I realize it's missing... I was on the streets near the old clinic. Maybe they just don't know me, this stupid lightning bolt getup. Hard to be inconspicuous and sell... things don't go together right? But fuck...

    "Fuck... oh shit..." hadden would feel me let off the gas and coast, checkin' my pockets. Someone fuckin' snatch it? One of those fuckin' shit ice pushers like the guy that got to Kaykay? I wouldn't of just fuckin' left it somewhere right? No fuckin' way... this shit is my blood.

    No doubt Hadden notices, feel me checkin' around, "I'm fucked..." I say with some finality. I still got my own ice, right? I mean, not down to zero... just lost the stuff to sell, right? About two jingle worth? (Hadden has the other 1-worth right)

    Fucked. And just great, the old neighborhood... I knew we was comin' out near, I mean... I know which way is what but this is uncomfortable-close. Place is full of fuckers I don't wanna see... old fuckers who "helped" me when I ran... fuck them all.

    Fuck this place. I gotta go back but... no way I'm gonna find it right?
  • From Hadden:

    [OOC: The extra 1-barter of ice was in the minitruck kit. Arbor took some. Uncertain how much is left.]

    There's some irony there, yeah? I stop whoring myself for two minutes and Roxy decides to come calling. Not exactly feeling the love there. Still no word from Molotov. Probably on H out of his mind... but there's been no more craziness since the Greasefire, so maybe he's really out of his mind.

    You're asking about trade goods? I've got seeds from the Growers, specifically by request. Jerry-cans of gas. A couple jingle of some other higgledy-piggledy: weed, brewed beer, a few tools, some fresh porn, and the like. Just enough to fit into a decent backpack (but the pack isn't for trade). This is like a sample to open bigger negotiations. Not like bars of fucken gold. Be a pain to haul on this sled... I look up to the sky, watching the rippling auroras, shimmering greens and blues even in the sun. I have an idea that may not fly, pardon the pun. Need to talk to Lemma.

    Something's not right. I don't see anything obvious, nobody's following us... "What's up, Silica?"
  • Silica

    Coasting, I stand up tall in the seat, check my back pockets... yeah giving Hadded a face full of my ass but I ain't thinkin' about that.

    "Someone jacked my ice... my stash for sale..." I turn, still standing in the saddle and look back, like I'm going to see them or something. But it's just empty ice back there now.

    I hang my head and shake it, "not my fuckin' day." I just mutter, and gotta laugh.
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    From Hadden:

    Hands on the wheel, Silica! Wait, a sled don't got a wheel.

    So instead of pleasantly thinking about her naked ass in my face, I'm holding onto the handles behind the saddle and trying not to fall off.

    "I thought you moved it already? How much did they get?"
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    (yes, Silica, in answer to your earlier question, you still have your share. You only lost the stuff T-Dog and Wildcat gave you to sell for them)
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    I stand as the sled coasts, slowing enough to make it easier to talk at least, "shit there ain't nothin' out here to hit Haddie!" I stay standing, leaning my ass back against his shoulder and turning to talk to him. "Somethin' like two big chips... shit nobody's fuckin' buyin and now I get ripped."

    I melt back down into the seat, but I turn my head to Hadden, I'm smilin. I mean it, gotta laugh. "I'm seriously fucked if I don't come up with them chips."
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    From Hadden:

    I shake my head a little. "Shit, Silica, we gotta get you a locker or something you keep carrying ice. They must've been good to roll you." And I have a little challenging smile on my face.

    I hold back onto her, wiggle a little to get comfortable. Never quite sure how much she'd want roaming hands while she's driving. But you know I'm thinking it. "Even if you steal it back, you still need to move it, yeah? Do you really want to be a pusher?" And I'm thinking how she can earn a few extra jingle. No, not like that.
  • Silica

    I ain't driving yet, just sitting there, one hand on a handlebar. He makes that quip and I'm about to tell him to fuck off and he can see the flash of expression on my face, but he keeps talkin.

    "Shit Haddie, I don't know what the fuck I wanna be..." it's true. "Just trying to get by... you know? It's good Jingle..." I exhale a long breath, "supposed to fuckin' be."

    I've done worse for less... Hadden's rich right? Maybe... shit what am I thinkin...
  • From Hadden:

    I'm looking out at the wide, flat horizon. So far, so clear... "Does anybody really know what they wanna be?" It comes out like an old song.

    "Tell me about doing shit for good jingle." And I'm thinking about Nini, and a few others...

    She looks like she wants to ask me something. I look at her, eyebrows slightly raised. Oh no, missy. You come to me this time.

    I'm thinking about whoever we're gonna meet on the other side of the lake. They gonna need a Hadden.
  • Silica

    He's gettin' all thoughtful... Haddie bein' Haddie.

    Fuck, I ain't got much time left, gotta get T-Dog his jingle... all I got that's worth shit is my ice, or this fuckin' sled... but... you know I'm gettin' used to this fuckin' thing.

    I settle back into him a little bit, he head back against his shoulder and my body against his chest. The sled slides to a stop. I take that hand off the handlebar and slide it up his leg a little, starting from his knee, "hey I know... I know it's bullshit but... you got chips to spare right? Can we work somethin' out?" I tilt my head up towards him as I say the last couple words, my cool breath tickles the skin of his face.

    I done way worse... way fuckin' worse for jingle... for nothing... but why does it feel shitty comin' on to Hadden like this. For what? Cause I fuckin' suck... I ain't done nothin' right these days. Don't let it show... do what you gotta do.

    Gotta get by right?
  • From Hadden:


    My eyes narrow a little. I remember Rossi doing something similar, trying to put to moves on me when she wanted something. K2 did the same thing also, says a little voice in my brain. Don't play a player. She does feel good, though... "You're right, it is bullshit." I'm looking into those blue blue eyes. Inches from kissing her. Dangerous. Careful, Hadden.

    The wind and snow is swirling about us, a little island of human warmth on the cold lake. There's a little heat behind my words. "If you want to fuck, Silica, then cut the bullshit and say so. If you want me to help you get out of your debt, then cut the bullshit and say so. If you want both, then cut the bullshit and say so." I take her hand off my thigh and put it back on the handlebar, kind of twining my gloved fingers over her bare ones. I put my other arm round her little body and hold her close and tight, pressing totally against her from ass to spine to neck so she knows exactly what she's doing to me. My words, hot breath in her ear: "Don't play with me, Silica. Tell me what you want." The engine is still running, beneath us.

    Part of me is thinking about fucking her brains out right here, on the sled, on the lake, even though I'd rather take her in a bed. Part of me is also thinking about just making this damned delivery and wrangling a new couple gigs out Benton way.
  • Silica

    This feels so fucking good. Nobody for fuckin' miles, Hadden warm and hard against me... damn it I'm melting... I press back against him, his hand holding mine firm on the handle like he's taking control, even that turns me on. Haddie how do you know how to get to me like this?

    My voice comes out higher than I want, "I fuckin' want you so much..." it hurts how much I want him, I shiver... and it's not from the cold. My head back against his shoulder and looking into those eyes... my mouth just a little bit open as I breathe and wait and want...
  • From Hadden:

    Was that so hard, girl?

    I've got my fingers in between hers, she's tucked into the lee of me like shelter from the wind. The icewalker in need of refuge. I feel her body moving against mine, I slip my hand up up up from her waist, my glove rough against her skin soft.

    "I fucken want you, too, Silica."

    I shut up and kiss her. She is like snow.
  • Silica

    I lean up into his kiss, damn I've wanted this so fuckin' long... since he pulled me out of that hole. It's amazing... he smells good, he tastes good. I make a little satisfied sound, weeks of denying that I want this melt away... yeah...

  • From Hadden:

    I feel her responding to my lips and tongue, moving under my hands. I feel tension leaving her as she just enjoys the moment. I reach for her legs to flip her around to face me like cowgirl; take a breath. My hands on her hips, my eyes on hers. I've got a hungry smile.

    "Been a long while I wanted for that kiss, Silica."
  • Silica

    Oh yes, Hadden flips me around, his hands on my legs burn, hot... so good. I look up at his face, at those hungry eyes. This little mischievous grin on my face... I fuckin' enjoy this moment... it's really going to happen.

    "All you gotta do is fuckin' take it Haddie," my legs hang over his, the engine beneath us rumbling quietly in the otherwise still quiet air. I nibble on my lip and gaze at him. I slide a hand up his thigh and just up there under the edge of his coat onto the skin just above his hip. I enjoy how my chill touch makes him flinch.

    How could I not want this? He's amazing.
  • From Hadden:

    She's doing that lip thing again. And whoa, her cool hand on my flesh, it's like electric, like a shock, like awake.

    I pull her to me and start nibbles on her neck and ear, she's so light and cool. "I never take what's not offered." I pull one of my gloves off with my teeth, stash it in my jacket pocket — I want her like crazy but I'm not gonna lose a glove out here — and slide my warm hand under her hoodie, tracing and teasing and stroking. I'm watching her face as I'm exploring her. How does she look when I find a hard nipple and tug gently? I want more, more.

    "And you know I wanna take it." I'm biting my lip right back at her, pulling her down into my lap.
  • Silica

    Yeah, I love this... it's cold out here Haddie and I'm plenty chill... you know how when I come in for the day I got frost on my skin... how's that feel, babe? He pulls me close onto his lap, I wrap my legs around and grind into him a little, not gentle, but letting him set the pace.

    You know, to me he feels just as hot as I feel chill... and his touch... he's more gentle than expected. So far... when he gets up under my shirt I sigh a little pleasurable 'mmm' and tilt my head back a little, mouth a little more open... biting my lip as I do and grinding a little more.

    I say suddenly through a panting breath, my face is right there now in his, "so take it."
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    From Hadden:

    It's too fucking cold out here.

    I've got Silica grinding on my dick, asking for it, and my mouth is all over her neck and she makes great noises when I'm working my fingers on her sweet tits. And FUUUUUUUUCK do I want to nail her little ass to the sled and bring her off a couple times. There's a dark fire in my eyes. But the wind is getting to me and there's cold spots at my lips starting to chap something terrible.


    I pull my hand back, flex my fingers a couple times, work my glove back on. I shake my hand, get the blood flowing. I switch, pulling my glove off the other, warmer hand. I slip my warm hand down her body, down below her waist, and lean into her for a strong strong kiss, picking her up as I try to find a comfortable spot. She's so light.
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    I tilt my head back, closing my eyes as his hands run over my body, but then he stops... I lean back slightly, he's pulling his glove on... the wind sweeps through my hair and I notice his teeth clenched, chattering slightly. He's fuckin' freezin' sitting out here in the open.

    Fuck I'm so fuckin' stupid.

    "Fuckin' hold on..." I raise a leg up and over, turn and gun the engine just as my ass hits the seat. I'm practically on fire here, hot as hell... ten more seconds he'd be sliding me outta my fuckin' panties.

    But fuck... I turn sharply to the right. There's a bunch of busted old fishing boats got abandoned out there, few of em still have space inside... five minutes... can't be more than five minutes.

    I press myself back against him as I ride... fuck... I breathe through clenched teeth and try not to think too much. If I stop to think then....

    Fuck, just fuckin' ride.
  • From Hadden:

    I almost fall off when she suddenly pulls away, and for a split second I think I've gone too far and she's going to abandon me on the ice, alone. Then I blink back to what the what, grab on to her tight and enjoy the ride.

    Fucking fast, and she's still grinding into me. "Punch it!" and I let out a loud whoop as she picks up the speed.
  • Silica

    I bend the sled South off the deep, flat ice and hit the rougher ice nearer shore. It's all crushed up and bent, treacherous place to walk but I know the way... little different on the sled, we keep riding up these angled ridges like frozen waves and crashing down, get air a couple times. Rough as shit... but fuck it's exciting.

    Before long we see the fleet, dozen or so small boats mostly busted to shit, barely above the surface and covered in years of snow, but a few of them have air inside, I've taken shelter here before... from pursuit. The ice is broken in so many place you gotta watch where you step.

    I stop the sled wth a barely controlled skid and step off. I turn my face to Hadden, looking cold as hell. "Come on," I slap him on the thigh, trying to hold onto the feelings deep down in my body.

    Stop fuckin' thinking Silica... fuckin' just do this.. you want this.

    Hadden might see me shivering, he knows I can't be cold.
  • From Hadden:

    No idea where I am, but Silica knows where to go. She's really got the hang of how to ride this sled. This has gotta be what flying is like, and then we somehow fucking jump in a thrice-damned snowmobile and you know I'm holding on to her and loving the thrill of it. There's road head and then there's sled fucking- I got all sorts of gymnastics I'm thinking about.

    She pulls up by a buncha boats, looks a little weird for a place to shack up... but I figure she knows what the what.

    I take her hands to get off the sled, and move in for more kissing, but. There's a real odd look in her eye... "What is it? You okay?" And it's on the edge of my brain to say "getting cold feet" but she doesn't look like she's in a laughing mood. I'm still a little in a haze of lust and adrenaline. What'd I step in now?
  • Silica

    I'm just staring at Hadden. I've wanted him since that day... I didn't know it, didn't admit it or some shit. But there it is... I want this.

    He moves in to kiss me but then hesitates and asks me... and I open my mouth to make a little helpless sound but instead of answering I rise up on my feet to meet his mouth, leaning up into him. I love this feeling, so fuckin' hot... I'm practically begging him to just kiss me... don't think Silica.

    But he saw didn't he? He saw the fear in my eyes... Hadden's always lookin' in my eyes. Fuck him for noticing, for giving a shit.

    I don't want the kiss to end, I let him back me towards one of the boats. Come on Hadden, take me... just fuckin' fuck me... don't let me think.
  • From Hadden:

    Hot damn, she kisses like I'm the antidote. And here I thought I was the one hungry for her. I slide my hands down her back, grab her ass, lift her, have her legs hooked round me, practically fall into and through the hull of the boat, not really looking. Who's the moth? Who's the flame? The world is the kiss.

    Then I open my eyes, staring into her blue blue eyes... Something's hiding behind the lust.

    A little rougher with passion, there's still a cold wind about us, I tell her, still intent in her eyes, "Don't hold back on me, Silica. Don't be scared. I aim to fuck your brains out till you can't walk straight."

    Wish there was a damn mattress here at least. Get out from the wind in one of these hulls maybe.
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    His hands on me burn, fuck, fuck yes, Haddie... he picks me up like I'm nothin' and that gets me going... fuckin take me.

    "In here..."

    We crash into the little snow-swept interior of one of the boats. Little black-painted boat called 'Magpie'. Cold but finally out of the fuckin' wind. There's one of those blue tarps laid out, a cloth hanging like a curtain, a handful of discarded food tins laying around. People have sheltered here before. I have.

    He makes his intentions clear and holy shit I'm turned on, magic... he sees the look in my eye. He thinks I'm scared for myself. Of course that's not it, I... Fuck! Don't think... don't fuckin' think! Just fuckin' do it Silica!

    I gotta stop lookin' at his eyes, they're gonna make me lose it... I start kissin' on his neck, get a hand up under his shirt, loosen his pants and get my chill fingers on that sweet ass. Aggressively submissive, is how you might call it... I want him to fuckin' own my cold little body and I'm going to make sure he knows it.

    "Fuck me Haddie... come on..."
  • From Hadden:

    Not the most posh joint, but two tears in a bucket. Silica.

    I love her hands on me, cool, seeking, smooth, eager. You know how long I wanted her writhing under me? She's scrabbling at my clothes, I'm glad we're out of the wind.

    But you know what else? She's the icewalker here.

    So, sudden and fast, I strip her, like fucking now. Shimmy her out of that hoodie, practically rip off her shirt, pop off the bra if she's got one. Pull off those jeans of hers and panties in one go, dragging my fingers and nails along her legs, throw the clothes over my shoulder. Drink her naked form with my eyes. Her pale flesh on that blue tarp like a dream. In one moment, I'm all over her, slipping out my jacket and pants as best I can. With one hand, I hold her down rough, both wrists together above her head. I'm locking her head in place with my lips, my other hand busy twixt her nethers, kicking her legs apart.

    I mutter, "Silica.... you know I gotta silver tongue... You gonna get that later. Now you gonna get fucked. Proper fucked six ways to Tuesday."
  • Silica

    Fuck.. yes Hadden. He gets it, he ges what I want, what I need. Don't make me think, Hadden, don't let me think, don't let me stop. I give myself to him... no... he takes me... that's more like it... But that's how I need it to be.

    Within moments he strips me naked and shows me with no doubt how it's gonna be. I'm under Hadden's control... but I trust him, want him. It's never been better, why did I fuckin' wait so long for this? I open myself to him, he has me. You fuckin' own me Hadden... I fight against his grasp just enough to keep it interesting... just enough that he has to keep control... but yeah, I want this. He gets it.

    But as he puts himself inside me, though.. I look in his eyes again, and through the passion and the lust I wonder... if after... everything will be broken again...

    But that only lasts a moment.
  • Silica... I think this qualifies for the Brainer Special, don't you? Let's see the dice.
  • Hadden owns me, sure... but my poison seeps back into him. Does he know it? Fuck...

    Brainer special:
    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 3, 2. Total: 7)
  • So Hadden...

    • what was your lowest moment?
    • in what ways are your mind and soul vulnerable?
  • oh yeah, Hadden, you've got a new gig, too. yay for you.
  • From Hadden:

    My lowest moment? The middle of orgasmic bliss and you want to bring up old depressing shit? The fuck is wrong with you?

    Let's see. There was that game of kill-or-be-raped in the mines as a kid. There was that morning after my dad died and Merrell moved in. Or the time I found out about the miscarriage...

    But my lowest moment was after a cave-in. Almost six days alone. Xingu begged me to kill him on day two. Food ran out day three. Light ran out day four. Day five, I almost ate a bullet. Day six I was going to eat Xingu... But Squirrel found me first. I was almost gone.


    How's my mind and soul vulnerable? Easy. I'm a creature of hope. Crush it, it breaks me. I got some abandonment issues, too. Stretch me too thin taking care of others or kick me to the curb, I snap.


    Take your words, thief.
  • (afterwards)

    You're both spent, lying there on clothes and the blue tarp. Are you in each other's arms? Either of you fall asleep? Any words exchanged?

    It isn't so cold, really. Even naked. Without the wind. But at some point, you'll need to move, Hadden. Not exactly this moment.

    What do you do?
  • From Hadden:

    I like to cuddle, you know that. And I don't kiss and tell, usually... but let's just say I crossed about eight things off my to-do-Silica list.. with a few more got added. Damn. No time to sleep with the sled of gear just outside. Don't want to wake up stranded or worse, cross the lake in the dark. Miles to go before I sleep, and all that. The wind keeps me alert and thinking, there's a thousand creaks and holes and whistles and sounds. All kindsa shit running around in there. Roxy, K2, Rossi... everyone.

    My brain tells me an old joke I heard about icedick... clearly that wit was uninformed, cause this little icewalker of mine is hot as a fucking volcano, and I've seen one in person with mine own two eyes.

    I bite my lip and look at her lazy sidelong. We shoulda done that fucken weeks ago. I'm thirsty.
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    Thief? You think I fuckin' wanted to know that shit?

    Yeah I can sleep. I can sleep on a dime sometimes, and Hadden took it outta me, you know? Cuddling ain't exacly my thing but guess I can sleep a few minutes. Lucky bein' me I can just lay here naked with him... least I get that.

    But I don't sleep long. I flicker back awake... head on his chest, a leg tossed over his middle... curled up against Hadden with his dark thoughts racing through my exhausted, hungry little brain.

    I wake looking at him, a little smile crosses my lips... "fuck... Hadden?" I just stare at him... is he still Hadden? Is he the same? Ok... SIlica with Kaykay did it happen all at once? No... fuck it took some time didn't it... don't you dare fuckin' break, Hadden.

    He can probably all but hear me wishing as I gaze up at him across his chest.

    I say probably the last thing he expects to hear.

    "Are you ok?"
  • From Hadden:

    I give out a big big big BIG stretch, work my muscles like a cat. I run my hand down her spine, cup her ass, pull her into a kiss.

    "Never." I can't hold a straight face. "I'm fucken AWESOME!" I lost count. I want her again. This little icewalker won't walk right for a week. "You?"

    Part of my brain shifts a little, looking into those blue blue eyes.
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    As Hadden rund his hand down my spine, I trace the sharp little nails of my hand across his chest, right on the edge of painful. We kiss, then I pull away and bite my lip and look at him like, 'more?'

    He steals my line... hmm, gets a little smile out of me... ok, Hadden's still fuckin' Hadden... so far. "I'm fuckin' good," And I pull myself a little closer to his face to quietly add, "but you don't gotta be so fuckin' gentle with me..."

    Just a couple inches from his face now, I see the desire in his eyes... but you know we're out on the open ice. Believe it or not I take this shit serious... only thing in my fuckin' life maybe... and I'm figurin' in my head if we can make it through before dark. I think we're good...

    I trace that sharp little hand down to his junk to tease his inner thigh and say in a sexy little purr, "somethin' else you need, boss?"
  • From Hadden:

    The nails. That lip thing. She's ready for more. So am I, responding to her chill touch. She's got a little daring smile on her face. "You are fucking good, Silica." I roll my head, check the light. We got time. It's at least a couple hours to sunset. Then she keys down the challenge, so I snake a hand over, pinch her nipple, sharp. "Complexion like this, I figured you don't want marks." I show my teeth, bite her earlobe.

    She calls me boss, and it's sexy submissive and yet I feel a tiny bit guilty, a brief fear I'll lose her like K2.. Molotov, Oakley. I'm not thinking about work right now. Set it all aside, box it up.

    But nine hells, she's got my number. "'Bout three or four different things I need. I bet you take direction well, huh?" I want her mouth on me. Tonight.

    I grab her, flip her over, raise her hips, pulling her right and rough. She's so light. I'm gonna fucken own this cunt. Don't care about bruising right now. almost growling, "Gonna make you scream, Silica." And I mount her, all at once, like slam. Slap that ass like a promise of later. Let out a roar as I pound her.
  • Silica

    I hiss through my teeth as he pinches and nibbles on me, hurts just enough to get my blood going, get through the chill of my body. It's that intensity I crave, closer to danger I get the more I feel it.

    Fuck yes! Hadden handles me rough and it gets me going. All worry about my brain and all that shit are gone, for the moment... I can forget that shit as long as Hadden's in control... I can't wait to see what things he's got in mind.

    I arch my back and take him. Sometimes leaning face down on the cold plastic. Sometimes he's got me my the arms or the hair twisted behind me... yes Hadden. I can take fuckin' direction but you gotta fuckin' take me... Hadden's got me... come on Hadden, push me past my limits and make me fuckin' sing!

    He makes me scream... only Hadden and the dead white ice outside to hear.
  • --END SCENE--
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