[Blades] Volette Jobs (Vo 1.2)

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Let's work on "Jobs":

Take your Guild dice pool for Shadow. You have Shadow 3, so you roll 4d6 and I (the GM) will roll 3d6.

We get 1,1,3,5
GM gets 2,2,5

We review the table.
Step 1, the Client.
I spend our 3 to say (in character) "Skinner! We got contacted on the DL by Sophia, a refugee from Skovland!"
Paul does step 2 and says "Yeah! It's a (spends a 1) Santification from the cult!"
Now we've got 1,5 and you've got 2,2,5.
You spend your 2 for step 3 and say "Ah yes, the Occult Collector, Stavro. I've heard he had a spot of trouble."
Paul spends a 1 and says "Yup, it's his manor home in Whitecrown."("Rich is it cool if I spend that die twice?" "Sure!")
And I say, "I lean forward and scowl. That's the place with all the wards! It'll be tricksy." (Spending our 5 for step 5, earning a no-prize)
Rich keeps his 2,5 for later troubles or twists. (Although it may be better to have the GM hide some rolls.)
Bam, setup.


  • (Rolled: 4d6. Rolls: 5, 2, 6, 1. Total: 14)
  • GM roll: (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 4, 1, 1. Total: 6)
  • [Volette]

    I return to the tower to inform Skinner that Larn has agreed to terms.

    5, smuggler.

    "An' I got word as Lomond's transporting again. No telling who's flag he's flying this time."
  • Volette,

    Skinner pores over her ledger, whispering quietly to herself as you suggest Lomond. Without looking up, she answers, "Need Bricks with you? Could be rough at Dockside." Using Location - Type 1. Ship or Dockside

    Player: 2, 6, 1
    GM: 4, 1, 1
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    1 Opposition: Guards

    "Yeah, I'm thinking. As long as he don't go stomping about and giving me away. Word is Lolo's hired some stones since he don't have any."
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    Skinner looks up, meets your eyes, "Very well. Take Bricks with you, speak with Lomond. Convince him to give us a cut, or barring that, see if we can smuggle items alongside his at a better rate."

    Then she's back down in her books, "Let me know how it goes."
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    "Your wish is my command, oh great one."

    I keep the sarcasm out of my voice. Mostly. I'm still ticked at her after all.
    I leave her 'office', pull out my spark vial and take a hit before going to fetch Bricks and heading for the docks.
  • Volette,

    Skinner doesn't acknowledge the sarcasm, you know she doesn't care what you feel, only what you do.

    You come upon Bricks in the room he's calling "the armory". He's cleaning a musket that looks like a Bluecoat weapon, not at all a good thing to keep. "Hullo, Big V. You need somethin?"
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    I eye the musket warily. "Social calls at the docks, provided you're wearing your dancing shoes, twinkletoes. What's with the official lobber, gonna join up?"
  • Volette,

    Bricks runs the dark brush over the hammer briskly, but he's looking up when you ask about dancing shoes. "Heh. I'm always ready to dance, Big V." He looks at the musket, "This? Oh, just a trinket I picked up in Barrowcleft. Figured it'd do us more good than anyone else. 'Sides," he grins, "I don't think I fit the bill for a Bluecoat. They have much higher standards than the likes of me."

    He finishes his work, grabs his satchel and his blades, and follows you out. "Who are we socializing, Big V?" He sounds a bit eager. How do you two get along normally?
  • [Volette]

    I grin wickedly up at him. "Just like the rest of us then."

    Ironic that I'm 'big V'. I'm slightly smaller than Vau. Where she's slim, I'm wiry. And she definitely has more boob than I do. But I am maybe a whole two months older. Anyway Bricks is much bigger than either of us.

    Bricks and I get along well enough, normally. Occasionally he gets it into his head to try and get into my pants. Then he's bloody annoying. But I think he likes it that I'm nearly as scary as he is.

    Anyway, I answer.

    "Lomond is back in town. And he's hired himself some friends. Anyway, I'm gonna be social. You're gonna watch my ass."

  • Volette,

    Bricks chuckles under his breath as he follows you out of the "armory", "C'mon, big V. That one's too easy. Do you think so lowly of my wit?" But yes, he's staring at your "wiry" backside with a leering grin.

    The Docks are three wards over (near the southwestern island on the map). Do you spend time here, Volette? What have you heard about The Unseen? Even ran into their members?
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    "Not at all." I grin. "I think it's tremendous, considering it's the only one. It must be lonely." But I ignore the look. Brick does that to anything that's both breathing and female. Except Skinner, maybe.

    The Unseen creep me out a little. I've only encountered them a couple times as they seem to take their name pretty seriously, but they give you... I don't know. A pervasive sense of wrongness. We might look like a cult, but I think they actually might be. Anyway, I don't venture down this far very much. A couple of times, sure, mostly to score or fetch and carry for the guild.
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    You head down to The Docks with Bricks. He catches up and walks beside you, keeping company, more with presence than with words. He's not chatty, at least.

    You find Lomond unloading a ship, working alongside ten other dock-workers. He's shirtless, and his broad shoulders are covered with fanciful tattoos and he's covered in sweat from the work. Looks like they're nearly done.

    He notices you and Bricks, tells one of his fellows he'll be back, then walks over to tower over you. He's about Bricks' size, more thick muscle and squat than Bricks. He's strong, but not agile. "Allo Volley. Allo Bricks. Wot brings you down a' docks?"
  • [Volette]

    "Hello, Lolo... I'm smiling just shy of shark. "We heard you were in town and your other partners just insisted that I express our delight at your return and welcome you with some strong drink and fine conversation."
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    Lomond shakes his head, "Free days in from Iruvia, an all th' world knows I'm back." He licks his parched lips, looking between you and Bricks. "Alright. A drink an talk'll do nicely." He glances over to the row of buildings behind you, most of them warehouses. "Wot say we 'ave a sit o'er at th' Leaky Bucket?"

    The Leaky Bucket is a pisspot of a dockside bar that serves swill. The wenches are buxom and diseased, and the Unseen are known to keep an eye on the place due to the wetwork jobs that come through the place.
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    "That'll do!" I motion theatrically. "After you, sir."
  • Let's skip ahead to the Leaky Bucket.

    When were you here last, Volette? Do you even remember? There's a couple dealers here, right? That's scraggly, dark-skinned man in the tri-corner hat at the bar seems to note your arrival. As well as the red-headed lady chatting with a guy with a hook, no lie, a fucking hook for a hand.

    You grab a cramped table under a lamplight. There are no empty booths. There's a bar, but all the seats are taken there, too. The pair of mostly chubby wenches taking orders and getting pinched are overworked and under-dressed. Chances are you won't get a drink for a while.

    Lomond, who grabbed a shirt and coat on the way here, looks you over. "Ya look nice, Volley. Wot are ya doin 'ere? Ya need somethin'?"

    Bricks is sitting across from him, his arms crossed. You know he's got a trick forearm sheath, and he can have that dagger out in a wink. He's letting you play this out.
  • [Volette]

    Last time? No it was a while ago. Kind of a hazy night, if you catch me. I'm pretty sure I bought from Scratch (hook guy) that time, too. It wasn't quality, but it worked.

    "Oh, you flatterer." I preen a little. "But there aint' a need to play coy with freinds, is there, Lolo? We're inviting you to renew our partnership, yeah?"
  • Volette,

    Lomond chuckles, shakes his head to agree. He takes a long drink of whatever you bought him. "Funny ya mention, Volley. Got an offer from the Sashes to work wif 'em this mornin. Mebbe we got a biddin war brewin?" He smiles at you over his cup.

    "Or maybe," Bricks says firmly, "You're just trying to drive up the price? Or maybe, just maybe, you've developed a desire to be punished after your trip out on us."

    That wipes Lomond's smile off his face, but he looks to you before responding.
  • [Volette]

    "Nonsense, Bricksy, Lolo wouldn't go with strangers after all. And the Sashes? Dreadful to work with. And I'm sure he didn't abandon us with no warning with out a good reason. He wouldn't go hurting our feelings now, surely."

    I smile at Lomond again.

    "We're willing to make a reasonable offer, of course, for old times' sake."
  • Volette,

    I think you're headed towards a Slide move here, right? Trying to get Lomond to deal with you first, stop playing games and make a deal with you.

    Of course, you know that if he's dealing with the Sashes, then at least one of theirs are watching this chat. So let's call this a Risky Move, and see how the dice fall.
  • [Volette]

    (Rolled: 3d6. Rolls: 1, 1, 3. Total: 5)

  • Volette,

    Lomond nods, orders another drink by yanking at the arm of the raven-haired wench when she comes by and shoving the tankard in her hand, "Ya always been reasonable, Volley." He licks his lips, looking between you and Bricks, and says, "But wot the Sashes offered twas better'n any the lot o' you can, I'm afraid. They are settin' me up at th' Red Lamp. An it'll be great. Been such a long spell b'tween escapades, if ya hear me."

    Bricks practically growls, "You lousy fuck. You knew yer answer before ya say down with us! You just stole from us. Time. And ale. You sod."

    He holds up his hands, and laughs, "C'mon now, don't be so mad. An don't get idears. There's a couple o' Sashes 'ere. Watchin' their inves'ment." Lomond looks over at a hitter with a rapier by the bar, then over to a lass with a long dagger playing at her nails and badly pretending to look at other things.
  • [Volette]

    I hold up my spread hands between Bricks and Lomond. Annoyed to be sure, but those two sashes might not be alone.

    "Now now. No cause for fuss." I look at Lomond, still smiling. Thought my eyes are wider and my smile a bit more fixed. "But of course I'm disappointed, you were always one of our best. Still perhaps we aren't out of business entirely. Maybe you're still willing to transport for us, yes? Alongside your own business, of course"
  • Volette,

    Lomond smiles, a polite little smile. Bricks takes special note of the two Sashes, the thug at the bar, but he's ignoring the girl. Bricks is seriously pissed, fiddling with something in his coat, probably a dagger. Surely a dagger, really.

    "No, Volley." Lomond says loudly. Then, he gives you a wink. "I could never play two sides 'gainst the middle. I'm no fool, milady. Now, why don't you lot head back to yer Tower, an leave me be onna docks, yeah?"
  • [Volette]

    A show is it? Not a bad idea, if Lomond makes good, of course. Well... the sashes wouldn't expect me to take refusal lying down. It would be suspicious.

    Quick as a flash my own dagger is out of my sleeve and the point slams into the table a hair short of Lomond's fingers. Before he (or anyone) can do much more than jump I've pulled it, flipped it, slid behind him, the point on his cheek.

    My eyes flick up to the sashes in the bar.

    "Oh Lolo..." I tsk at him, my smile manic wide. "You break my heart, love. That isn't healthy. For anybody."
  • Volette,

    Not sure if he's playing a role or truly being threatened, Lomond sits back, which of course means he presses his back against you and doesn't escape an inch. Bricks is up, facing the fellow at the bar.

    The Red Sash at the bar turns to face Bricks, and is looking over at you, Volette. He seems familiar, his name is Carro. The female, she slips back, trying to blend in with a table of sailors, probably hoping to flank you, or head outside to track or trap you.

    (OOC: So it's clear, I've used up the Twist or Complication : 1. An element is a front for a criminal enterprise)
  • [Volette]

    I lean in to Lomond, to whisper in his ear.

    "Send me a message tonight, dearie. Just tell the sashes I threatened you with death."

    I drop a little peck on his leathery cheek and let go of him, backing away and scanning the crowd for the other Sash.

    "Time to go Bricksy. Lots to do.
  • Volette,

    Lomond nods slow, like he's nervous about this. But you feel him relax a little, in his shoulders. "Aye, milady. Aye."

    The other Sash is still moving around the crowd, but you can exit unscathed if you and Bricks take off right now.
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    I move up to touch Bricks' arm. Tilt my head towards the door. "Party's over Bricks, we've done our business.

    I nod to the Sash facing us off, giving another mad grin, knife still in my hand.

    Then I head for the door keeping the Sash in sight as well as looking for the other. Once outside, I head for our home district.
  • The female Sash sees that you marked her, and she stares at you leaving with her green eyes, doesn't return your nod. She's a deadly serious one, no funsies for her.

    Once you get outside on the wooden planks of the docks, Bricks says angrily, "Why didn't we knife that fool for the double-crosser he is?"
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    "Subtlety was always your strong point." I smirk at him. "He was saying that for the Sash's benefit, Bricks. He's willing to work for us. He's supposed to make contact. If he doesn't message by tonight we'll visit him again."
  • Volette,

    Bricks sucks his teeth and reaches over to pat your shoulder, "Good one, Volette." He gives you a wolfish grin, then adds, "Why don't you move up ahead now? That way I can keep an eye on your backside till we're home."

    Shall we end scene here?
  • sounds good
  • --END SCENE--
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