[Blades] Coleburn at the Bathhouse (M 1.6)

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You set up a meet with Coleburn at the bathhouse. How expensive is this place? Is it in your Ward? What did you send in your message, and what time is the meet?

Anyone from the Guild with you?

Here's Coleburn:

Coleburn arrived early, has been soaking in a steam bath waiting. He looks tired and on edge.


  • It's in our ward, on the opposite side of the island. the 5 o'clock tower was on top of a thermal spring, and this place grew up in it's shell. Bragon is up front, keeping an eye out. With that in mind, the place is pretty cheap. It's mostly just sealed rooms clamped on top of thermal vents. There's a cistern in most rooms, small little well of water bubbling up from one of the many outlets of the spring.

    The invite was a simple slip of paper,

    7 6 11



    The row of numbers is a chance run in Hazard-- a reversal of fortunes. 22:00, the time. Solban is the location. I chose the bathhouse to insure neither of us would be armed, and so our tattoos will be on display, so neither of us forgets who exactly it is he's dealing with. Coleburn's done time in the hole, as well. He knows what's what.

    (in Skovlaner) Coleburn, well met. Thank you for meeting me on such short notice. The spiders are whispering that you've run into a spot of trouble with your security arrangement.
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