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  • As Steven listens to his partners talking, an eerie feeling washes over him. Lost in the feeling he finally notices Peter and Maya looking to him for their plan. "Sorry guys. But ah....nothing." Steven mutters trying to shake these thoughts. "So…
  • Finishing with Harris: "St. Anthony's at 2 o'clock. No problem. And I've got two colleagues with me. They are consulting behavior analysists. They may or may not be joining me today. With our timeframe being so short, they may be working on anothe…
  • Steven checks his notes for Officer Harris' contact information. He calls her directly to make an appointment with her for this afternoon. When speaking with local law enforcement, he always tries to be as affable as possible. After exchanging plea…
  • "Yes Maya. If you could set up a meeting with Phillip Laredo, that would be great. I would like to speak with Officer Harris, but I'll reach out to her myself."
  • Steven hands Peter and Maya each a copy of a local map with markings for each disappearance. Switching to a more serious tone: "Peter, Maya, can either of you make out any sort of pattern to based of the locations of the crime scenes?"
  • As Peter walks back to the car, Steven places his phone to his ear and loudly whispers "FBI. Secrets secrets." Even though his job usually requires him to keep as many secrets as Peter's, Steven rarely passes up an opportunity to hassle Peter ab…
  • Steven had to stifle a laugh at Maya's response. It was a nice break up of the monotony of the corn. There had been too much monotony the last few months since Ajax got off the ground. He had never traveled so much in his life. But in the end he kn…
  • "A Focus? Really Pete? That's a bit much even for me. Besides, you know you'll be asking to drive her baby as soon as she gets it finished." Normally Steven would never say anything to contradict Peter to Maya, but he knows how much she loves her …
  • While Steven doesn't personally look at Peter with suspicion, his superiors do. They never fully trusted Prometheus, and we're working with them as a means to get what they wanted. With this in mind, part of Steven's job is to give regular updated o…
  • Bruce, seems like your character was born into the Society, Chris was one of your experiments, and I was just introduced to them in the last few years as part of working with the secret service.
  • I think I might like secret service more than fbi now that you mention it. How's this sound, the Prometheus Society was co-opted by the government during ww2 as a response to to Intel that Germany was researching occult warfare.
  • Are we still an off shot of the fbi?