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Setting Stuff

For currency, Admiral has a machine that he uses to "mint" SafeCoins He presses dry-times pennies into this:
These pennies count as oddments, or pieces of 1-barter. Within the hold, a safecoin will buy a meal, some drinks or something else to make the day go by. Most of the Pike uses Safecoins, too, though begrudgingly.

Safeco Map

Custom Moves

When you try to solve the puzzle cube, roll+Weird. On a 7-9, you line up a couple sides and gain some insight. The MC will share with you the results of a Brain Opening mixed success.
On a 10+, you line up all the colored sides and you're a genius! Choose two options:
* Take one experience point, you learned something new about the universe
* You've opened your brain to the psychic maelstrom as if you've rolled a 10+
* Reassign your stat highlights for the rest of the session

On a miss, take 0-Harm, it just doesn’t make sense to you. You can’t solve it. Ever.

When you try to stabilize a group sick with the pink without an infirmary, Roll+Sharp or +Stock. On a hit, choose options. On a 10+choose 3, On a 7-9, choose 2
* Nobody dies
* A couple of them actually recover
* Nobody else gets sick.

On a fail, you either lose someone or get someone else sick.

When you get caught unprepared out in the blood rain, roll+Weird. On a hit, choose options. On a 7-9, choose one and advance your infection clock one space in addition to whatever you choose. On a 10+,choose one. On a miss, prepare for the worst.
- you are forced to shelter in place, but don’t advance your infection clock any more
- you get where you’re going but you’re caught, exposed, at least for a while. advance your infection clock one space
- the environment wherever you happen to be is altered in a dangerous way.

When you venture, prepared, into the blood rain, roll+Hard. On a hit, choose options. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 10+,choose two. On a miss, prepare for the worst.
- you make it to safety, cover, your destination
- you don’t advance your infection clock
- you learn something useful

Infection clock for the Red (Each PC tracks individually)
0 - no exposure
3 - you know, living in this world sometimes you get a little red. Keep pure a while and you’ll be fine
6 - look close and you can see it in your eyes. some clearwater will help, but you better stay indoors
9 - this is not getting better on its own. people probably avoid you, you show symptoms most of the time
10 - if you have anything important to say to someone. probably should do that soon
11 - the end is near. everything hurts, all the time
12 - inevitable if not immediate death


6-cup is a drinking game the Arrows play. First, line up 6 empty cups or mugs. You can number these if you'd like, or simply just put them in a row.
Next, hand out a cup to each player, and fill these to the top with beer (or alcohol, or whatever you have that will get you wasted.
Players take turns rolling the die. Each number on the die corresponds to the "play" cups that were first set up.

Only one of two things may happen:
(1) If the cup number that is rolled is empty, the player pours as much beer as they want into that cup.
(2) If the cup has beer in it already, the roller must drink it.

Each player rolls until they reach an empty cup. It is possible to have to drink all 6 cups of beer by yourself in one turn!

There's also a little custom move!

When you play 6-cup with Dog, roll +Hard
First, no matter what you roll, Dog gets to ask your drunk ass a question. You have to answer it honestly, because she's really good at choosing the best possible time to ask it. The best part, the question is asked out loud, so anyone who isn't passed out gets to hear your answer!

On a miss, well, that's awful! You lost, and you got sick. Booo
On a 7-9, choose two
* You get to ask any other 6-cup player a question
* You get +1 Forward with Dog
* You get +1 Forward on 6-cup
* You made some money! +1 jingle
On a 10, you actually won 6-cup! You're the new reigning champ. Switch your name with Dog and the move is now yours.

HX Rollover Custom Move!

If you =reach HX 4 with another person's character and reset HX with them, you may ask that character a question. The player must answer it honestly. You can work out how your PC knows this information with them. Play nice. :)


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    Big list for NPC's and Notes about them, pt 1

    Admiral - Admiral is the hardholder of Safeco. He's partnered / the boss of Valentine, according to who you ask. He fixed the roof, made it secure. He's the reason there even is a hold here.

    Balance is a headhunter and patrol leader for the Tax Patrol. He killed Gong, Admiral's favorite driver, and nearly killed Bon. Balance likes to toy with people he captures.

    Ballard - Patrol lead in Admiral's inside gang. He doesn't fear Vignette. She might fear him. Unhappy with his "low" station in life.

    Barduk - Barduk's a butcher at Pike. He was introduced here.

    Buck - Buck is one of Admiral's right-hand men, he handles the fixits and the mechanical work.
    Buck was introduced here.

    Cola - A dark-haired grower at SafeCo, seems to have it in for Efram the fixit.

    Costco - Costco is YouDub's mate. He's a damn good rider, takes them out far range from Safeco, into the wastes, searching for trade and whatnot. As you can tell from his expression, he smiles often.

    Decatur - a former prostitute for HM, he was "let go" when he took sick. Bon brought him back to Safeco with the other sick ones. Decatur has made a full recovery after Bon tended him, and now he's helping out and keeping eyes on Lissa.

    Ephram - A fixit at SafeCo, quiet and hard-working, but better with machines than people.

    Evergreen Girl of about 10 or 11 and one of the lower-ranked rafter kids. Yeah. Even they have some kind of rank you gotta work up or fall down.

    FortyFour - merc who met Gates at Pikes, a possible recruit to his followers. He seems attracted to Vignette.

    Halifax - A supplier for Bon and a scav who seems to specialize in recovering medical gear from the ruins, like the shock patches she uses in the field.

    Jax - Vignette's right hand man, boss of the Pike Boys gang, used to work for Millions.

    Joey - Joey is 13 years old. His mom is Laika, a member of the Arrow pack. He was introduced in August's opening scene, and seemed afraid of Speed. Joey is now SeaTac's pupil, or his back-up... or something.

    Kites WotCee's mother. Runs a noodle shop at Pike's.

    Kitsap - young and impetuous woman who works for Admiral, but has schemes of her own.

    Latte - a woman who ran the harbor when Harbormaster is away. Pine mentioned her to Valentine. She's supposedly related to HM.

    Mox - Mox is the eleven year old nephew of Bon the Angel. He's a gentle soul, sometimes he's frightened easily. During a heavy thunder and lightning storm, he slept in Bon's bed with her. He was introduced in August's opening scene.

    Nee - Bon's twin sister, who had special Angelic powers to heal. Passed away giving birth to Mox 11 years ago.

    Pine of Grimace - Pine of Grimace is a SafeCo local. She drives the motor dueling car called Grimace. She has a teenaged daughter named Lemondrops.

    Queen Anne - Runs Grindhouse in Pike's. Chance fancies him. August says he has no dick.
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    Big list for NPC's and Notes about them, pt. 2


    Rain says he's from the forest, and he's had a run-in with Gates and his followers.

    Fab mechanic at Pike's. He isn't being paid enough by the raiders who ask for him to work on their vehicles. He works out of a parking garage with a moat.

    Salmon - Gang leader, local, not friendly with Admiral. SeaTac says, "Idiot's been sending his unblooded gangers at me for a few months now, trying to "temper" them, whatever that's supposed to mean. What for sure "temper" means is "get 'em killed," 23 times out of 23, so far. Introduced in SeaTac's opening scene.

    Seaward - Seaward is part of Admiral's inside gang. He normally watches the Greenhouse. He was introduced in a scene with August and Bon, saw August remove her top and wash herself, and obviously enjoyed it.

    Seneca - an older, mountain of a man with barely more eyes than teeth. He told Dog he knew Nana, and knew Dog when she was little.

    Shigusa "Shy" - Bon's assistant, young woman around 16. Wants to be an "Arrow" and join the chopper's pack.

    Speed - One of the guys who work security for Admiral, hardholder for Safeco. He's older, been around for a while. He used to be a driver for one of the gangs, was pretty damn fast. Something happened and now he doesn't drive anymore.
    In August's opening scene, he fetched her for Admiral to work the motor duel, and leered at Joey for some reason.

    SueB - SueB (pronounced Soo Bee) is the only female member of Pike's Boys, formerly Mille's Boys. She works for Vignette as security for the hold.

    Tiffany - Head Grower at Safeco. She's old, beforetimes old. Crotchety, but she knows her stuff.
    She was introduced here.

    YouDub - YouDub suffers from nightmares, but August tells him stories to help him sleep sometimes. He lost some jingle betting on Algee in the motor duel against Grimace. He's probably Valentine's most troublesome customer.
    He was introduced here.

    Union - Union is a glassblower at Pike. They are an undetermined gender, and have a fascination with books, reading and August (not in that order). They brokered a deal to provide Bon with beakers and tubes and supplies.
    They were introduced here.

    Watauga a quiet fellow who saw August perform on the Leviathan and loves her.

    WotCee Kites' son who hangs around in the rafter with the kids at Safeco. Dreams of one day killing Vignette in revenge for his father.
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    THE ARROWS (Dog's Gang)

    Ace Belka

    Chance Cujo

    photo Grunge.png Hachiko

    Laika Rainey

    Sounder TinGirl

    photo WinnDixieBanner.png Zeus

    photo August.png

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    Valentine's Crew

    Cigarette Girl - The snarky one. Cig Girl doesn't trust anyone, but she can sniff out a smoker easy easy.

    photo Ivar_header_zpsnqhara02.png
    Ivar - bartender at the Yacht Club. Always seems tired and overworked.

    Needle - the fussy one. He can sing pretty well, but only sings hard rock.

    "Uni" aka University - He works for Valentine at the Yacht Club. He's a little slow, but pretty to look at, and hard working.
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    Gate's Family

    QuePasa The tough one. Once murdered a man to survive.

    fremont rei

    easy utilikilt

    stumptown troll

    Ghost - Ghost is a young girl, member of Gates' flock. She likes to attend August's teaching sessions and hear her stories, but she's also infatuated with August's bird.
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    August's Followers: Her scene/cult. Around 20 followers, loyal to you but not fanatical. They have their own lives apart from you, integrated in the local population (fortune+2. surplus: 1-barter, +augury, stupor. want: desertion, savagery).

    • Your followers are involved in successful commerce. +1fortune.
    • Your followers, taken as a body, constitute a powerful psychic antenna. Surplus: +augury.
    • Your followers are drug-fixated. Surplus: +stupor.
    • Your followers are decadent and perverse. Want: +savagery.

    image image
    image image

    image image

    image image

    Peepshow Auteurs:
    image image
    image image

    image image

    Terrible comedians:

    image image

    & don't forget...
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    HM and his workers

    Harbormaster aka "HM" - slaver and pimp for several attractive men and women. He was convinced to leave the harbor (overwhelming rot) by Valentine, and barely made it out alive.

    Boeing - winsome man who is currently assigned to watch Gates, supposed to "get in good with him" and has admitted it to the Hocus.

    Hope - sister of Ace. She's in her late teens, maybe twenty. They went their separate ways, but Ace still worries for her. She is normally spaced out of her brain and currently attached to Admiral.

    Pine - Pine is a male prostitute for HM. His life was saved by Bon after HM had one of his teeth pulled as punishment and the wound became infected. Pine has had several teeth pulled as punishment and rarely smiles.
    He was introduced in Bon's scene.

    photo Schooner_header_zpszempczn5.png
    Schooner - cruel worker for HM, one of his "bosses". He savagely beat August in the past.

    Suquamish - "sister" of Schooner, seems unafraid of Vignette.
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