[Big Maul] Take Away (P 2.5)

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You enter the Food Court. As you were walking down the broken escalator stairs, this was playing (Without Emotions by Combichrist) over the speakers.

Here's how I see the Food Court.

After your display with Velcro, everyone's on edge. Some of the VK's are in here, sitting on tables, chatting and sharpening knives or working on their bikes. They're the only ones who don't give a fuck that you showed up. Safety in numbers and all that.

Velcro's over by the office. The GrubHub kid isn't around. There are folks working on crafts, some just lying around. Well, they were lying around, now, they're up and moving a little, to stay out of your way.

What do you do?


  • I'll walk around, searching for people who're obviously unhappy or maybe too stoned to resist. I'm looking for a man, not a woman. If I find someone depressed, I'll ask him "Do you want to be the most important person ever? Do you want to save the world?" And if they're affirmative, I'll take them. If not; if I find someone unable to resist before that happens, then I'll just scoop him up and carry him back to Hottopic's lab.
  • Wow... let's see you read a sitch here, Playboy. I think your presence alone charges it.
  • (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 4, 2. Total: 6)
  • Playboy,

    You look around the Food Court, at the folk gathered, the sick and the worn thin. Asking around for men who want to be something special. You don't get any takers.

    The VKs on the bench watch you. Old Man GrubHub pulls his back into their little shack, but the boy peeks at you a couple times.

    There's a guy who is passed out, a VK from the looks of him. You think his name is Shuttlebus. He's gotten sick a few times, the contents of his stomach are pooled nearby. The VKs probably drug him out here into the hall by the escalator to sleep it off. He smells. He doesn't answer, but he's too out of it to fight you.

    The No Kids come down the escalator, and that bigger one, well, biggest of the three, No Storage, he comes up, "Miss Playboy. I wanna save the world." He looks at you expectantly.

    What do you do?
  • How old is No Storage? I'm looking back and forth between him and Shuttlebus.
  • Playboy,

    No Storage is about eleven. Shuttlebus is mid twenties.
  • "Maybe you'll get your shot, kid, but this time someone else is needed." I'll scoop up Shuttlebus and carry him back to Hottopic's workshop.
  • Playboy, please go here.
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