[Blades] Quaffs and Such (Fr 1.3, Ri 1.3, Va 1.3)

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Madame Tesslyn welcomes you in as you enter. She ignores your still slightly shabby clothes and treats you like a normal guest (an honored guest would be a stretch), and set you up with Vestine, a fair young lass who looks like this:

She leads you up the wide, sweeping staircase with wrought iron railing overlooking the small statue in the middle of the main floor to the second floor, her arm in yours, laughing at your jokes if you make them, giving you polite attention. She's easily thirty years your junior, maybe more. Who does she remind you of?


The small bar sits nestled inside the main foyer off behind a set of red fabric screens with comfortable couches. The bartender is a lovely, older woman named Lenia who may or may not have worked here. She ignores your pissy attitutde and seems to be "in on it", because she mentions that normally she'd throw a "lowlife like you" out, with a wink. She's a brilliant conversationalist, engaging you in one of your favorite subjects, what is it?


Working as a chamber-maid in this brothel... how does it compare to jobs you've had before? This is a den of sin, how do you feel about such employment? When Frog arrives, you're busy stripping the linen from Lilly's last john. She's sitting at a small vanity fixing her make-up, watching you in the mirror as she applies her cake-white powder. "You're new here. Aren't you?" she asks without turning around.


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    Ah. Such professionalism. Such courtesy. Such a beauty. I have missed the world.

    Something about sweet Vestine tugs at my memory, until eventually a nugget comes free. Not many know this, but once upon a time, Skinner had a younger sister. Innocent and pretty, she was. All of us had a bit of a thing for Lyzete, we did. It was Brace finally won her, though, and not two weeks after they shacked up together, it was Brace beat her to death with his fists in a drunken fit. Of course, it was Skinner that took care of Brace not long after.

    I cast off the memories, give Vestine what passes for a smile. She really is sweet.
  • [Ring]

    It's a little funny to bump into someone as insightful as she, but we're discussing the relative cultural tells embedded in what people order to drink. I've dropped the pissy charade with Lenia, but I'll still make trouble with occasional passers, causing pauses in the conversation. "The most interesting type, along the lines you were just suggesting are those of middle-echelon who drink above their means in order to cultivate an awareness that'll let them fit in with classes above, maybe hoping to be noticed. It's more difficult, and of course interesting, with foreigners. My last employers would serve drinks to honored guests chilled with frozen knucklebones harvested from their own cultural icons." etc.
  • [Vauri]

    This sort of work is just labor. Any fool can do this. Lift, carry, fold, wipe, rub, pour. But there is a certain naughty thrill to doing it in a brothel. I stifle a giggle like a schoolgirl. "Doing it." I confess that I do peer perhaps a few breaths too long in a few keyholes, or press my ear to a thin partition with my eyes closed... But I mustn't break character. Certainly I shan't steal anything from the clients or staff. But I think about it, marking a few faces in case I happen upon them in a crowded station.

    Mme. Tesslyn has let a few of the staff in on our job, but it seems like Lilly is not. I may be over her one day, if all this accords to plan. But for now, my station is below her.

    I have her linen in a wicker basket, the old ones smelling excitingly of sex. "Yes, miss. Have you worked here long? Is it nice?" My voice is a little more timid, my eyes a shade more mousy, my lovely dark locks gathered in a simple white cap.
  • Frog,

    As the door closes, Vestine keeps her arm on yours. She looks up to you, asking in a very quiet voice. "Milord, I'm to keep up as much pretense as you deem fit. What ere you need, I provide."


    Lenia chortles a little, "Knucklebones? Such airs!" She ignores your occasional bouts of pissy and keeps chatting away. You're able to distract any attention for now.


    Lilly continues watching you through her vanity mirror, slowly re-applying lipstick, "Long enough to know the trade, not long enough to buy my way free of it." She clicks closer the applicator and turns to look at you directly. She offers a playful smile, "Don't let Tess tell you a whore's work is candy and liquor. She'd tell you all sort of fancies to get you under thumb.... and you'd take my best johns, you looker you."
  • [Frog]

    It has been a long time since I've felt the touch of a woman, and Vestine is far lovelier than the usual run of the mill for a man in my profession. I believe the Red Lamp will be a fine acquisition for our organization.

    "My dear," I say as I place my hat on the dressing table and remove my coat, "It would be a shame to have a pretense and..." Coat over the chair, unbuttoning my trousers. "...not keep it up."
  • Frog,

    Vestine nods dutifully, and quickly unfastens her dress, stepping out of them with a practiced grace, down to her lacy bloomers. She'll lie with you, pliable and seemingly eager. Do you remove your clothing or just have your dalliance in the most efficient method possible?
  • [Vauri]

    She does know her way around that vanity. I do envy her selection. But she may be right, and this time I do blush a little at the compliment. "Yes, miss. Thank you, miss." A little half-curtsy.

    I'll never whore.

    I turn my face and busy myself with the linens so she can't see my eyes flash or my sharp breath. I'll lie with who I please when I choose, thank you very much.
  • [Frog]

    This is an Occasion. I will certainly remove my clothes. Well, mine now, not mine originally. I lie her down on the bed, bloomers still on. I begin with my nose, sniffing at her feet, smelling up her calves, lingering at her crotch, pausing briefly at the belly button. Breasts, armpits, the hollow of her neck, behind her ears.

    Next, touch. I gently pull off the bloomers, trace my fingers along the same route, slow and sure, reacquainting myself with the feel of a woman across my fingertips.

    Then, taste. Oh, the taste. Same path, but my tongue leading. The salt, the chemical touch of perfume, the musk.

    By now, I'm ready. I inhale deeply and climb on top of Vestine. Mist once again flows off of me, from my pores. Flows into her, and I'm everywhere she twitched when I explored. A touch behind the ear, a touch to the hollow behind her ankle, a brush across her nipples...

    I'd have thought when I started that this would be a short ride, but I manage a creditable performance, and Vestine seems surprised, maybe even pleased. She gasped at the right places, at least, and it seemed genuine enough for me.
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    Your work in Lilly's room done, you head out into the hallway and continue your work.



    After your creditable performance, you're sated, and she seems to be pleasantly at your side. It's quite late now, probably the best time to hatch your plan. When you're ready, why don't you give me a Controlled Maneuver (due to Madame Tesslyn's aid and the Assessment roll) to dose the Red Sashes?

    You get a bonus die from Vauri in the hall. Ring is your backup if things go wrong.
  • I walk out into the hall, naked as the day I was hatched. Just happens that a servant (lovely in her own right, but no candle to sweet Vestine) is walking by on her way to the rooms that have been pointed out to me. Vauri's out there, too, and she drops her load of bedding just in time to distract the servant, who's looking away so as not to see my paunch and my weirdly crooked penis. I try to slip the dose in the nightcap glasses of strong wine while she's distracted.
  • 1d for Reflexes, plus one from Vauri's help

    (Rolled: 2d6. Rolls: 6, 6. Total: 12)
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    It goes exactly as you planned, Frog. The servant finds other things to do, and you drug both of thee Sashes, each to their own rooms. Success!

    Once you're sure the quaffs have taken effect, what do you do?

    Also, Frog, Ring and Vauri, take +1D on rolls to complete this Job based on this excellent success.
  • [Vauri]

    I drop the old linen in the chute, a whiff of musky aroma, a swooshing kind of thump, and it's gone. I turn down the hallway, eyes down so I don't see Frog's odd manhood. I know they can't all look like that. Unless a man's equipment changes as he ages? I catch Frog's signal that the Sashes are dosed, nodding. My mind dances away from his body, thinking of another time.

    I casually but quickly descend down the staircase, fingers trailing lightly along the decorative carvings, exploring the fine delicate work. I'm looking for Ring. "Your bed is ready, sir."
  • Vauri,

    You slip down to the bar, and find Ring chatting with a woman in her fifties who is tending bar.


    Vauri, in her chamber-maid getup, comes to inform you that your room is ready.
  • [Ring]

    "Very good!"
    I smile and nod true appreciation to Lenia and follow Vauri up the stairs.


    "Right, what do we know about them? Who should we convince first?"
  • I head back in to Vestine's room and begin dressing. "My dear, you have been very kind to a man who is neither attractive nor wealthy. You are lovely and thoughtful, and smell delightful. I will repay your kindness when I can." Once dressed, I will kiss her hand and slip back into the hallway, awaiting Ring and Vauri.
  • [Vauri]

    I don't like talking in the hallway. Too many ears. Whispering, "Are there two or three?"
  • Frog,

    Vestine, who was very pleased by your magical efforts, to the point of seeming a little worried about it afterwards, but she isn't rude when you offer to repay her kindness, still bewildered by your supernatural talents.
  • All,

    Please go here.
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