[ISS] Sleepover (Ash 2.6)

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You head back to Mi Sun and Jace's room. Jace is there, his hair still damp. He's sitting on his bed, looks up from his Navi to give you a neutral head nod of greeting.

image "Hey Ashlee!" Mi Sun chirps. "Want to grab something to eat? Jace's hungry from the game." She drops into a sing-song voice, "I hear they have blue paste todaaaaay. Want to chow down?" She comes over to stand near you, offers to take your bathroom stuff, if you let her.

What do you do?


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    Jace? Funny seeing them together all of a sudden. But that makes me instantly nervous... teammates with Mark? With Zola? Great... of course someone's going to find out about this but Jace wasn't supposed to be here.

    I can't sleep in a room with Jace...

    "Uhh... Hi Jace... nice um..." little flustered here, "nice game..."

    But Mi Sun is as peppy as I've ever seen. I let her take my things, though... I'm really not sure if I'm staying now.

    "Yeah! Ok... sure. Blue sounds... great."
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    Mi Sun readily agrees. Please go here.
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