[Junk XIII] Gathering the Posse (K 1-3)

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After signing the contract with Logitech, you head back to the garage overlooking Loots with VB. Is there a ladder from the outside or do you go in and take stairs up?

Junker greets you at the door, wagging his tail and whimpering in excitement. He's also about to piss himself, so VB takes him out for a walk, leaving you here.

Rinso isn't back yet. Is that normal? The bed he crashes on is made, that's new. He never did that before. Hump isn't in the room. Brillo is, though, reading by the dim light leaking in through loose boards. After a moment, he starts as if he just realized you're here, blinks his giant eyes and says, "Hullo... when did you get here?""


  • We take the stairs. We've got an arrangement with old man Ajishima where we can use the back door, since Junker can't climb a ladder. Aji's a pretty patient man — all I've ever seen him do is work, eat, and sleep — so he doesn't mind too much if we come in late, so long as we keep it down.

    I stand over Brillo, waiting patiently for him to realize I'm here. "A few minutes ago. You didn't hear Junker whinin'?" Then, realizing how stupid a question that is, I shake my head and hold a hand up. "Nevermind. Where's Hump?"
  • Brillo's big eyes are always a dead giveaway, right? I mean, he pauses, but you see the guilty look in his eyes. Then he realizes you know, and looks down, "He's asleep... back there."
  • Part of me doesn't want to go back there right now... Frak... I give Brillo a sour look, like he just told me Junker'd pissed all over the place. I scratch the back of my head, and take a deep breath.

    That's it. Deep breaths Kiddo. It's as much his place as it is yours, after all. I eye the door to the back room, like it's milk on the verge of going sour. Someone's gotta wake him up, and I guess it's gotta be me.

    I shove a finger inches from Brillo's nose, and with a wordless expression on my face, and a sharp glare, I make my way over to the back room and open it. "Hump?" I half-whisper, without actually stepping in, "Hump, get up, yeah?"
  • The door creaks open, and the sound echoes. You call into the room. You can see Hump lying there, no shirt, blankets piled on him, breathing deeply. He's alone.

    He doesn't stir when you call.

    Oh and by the way, there's a half empty bottle of Jack lying beside the mattress.
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    Frakking moron! I stomp in, slamming the door behind me, and popping the top on the bottle of Jack. "Wake up, Hump!" I order, overturning the bottle of jack onto his head, "this the way your Ma' raised you?"

    The kid has some balls though, to finish half a bottle of jack at his age... Frak, I was barely drinking back then. He definitely takes after Dad!
  • Hump starts awake, skinny limbs flying around as if he's drowning, sputtering and trying to grasp as you.

    Then the wave of sick hits him, and his eyes swim. He's gonna hurl, any second. Do you let him vomit on the floor, or drag him to... is there a toilet or somethin?
  • You mean the bucket? You think we've got central plumbing or some such shit here? What a privileged life you must lead, sir...

    You're damn right I drag his head over the bucket. "Don't you mess up Ma' and Dad's room! Damn it Hump!" I look around as he hurls... Frak, you've gotta be kidding me. Hearing him go at it kinda takes the wind outta me though... Once he's done, I whisper, "what the frak were you thinkin', Hump? That's a shitload of booze! You sore over some chick, or something?"
  • Hump's nose is running, eyes watered, he's a wreck. When was the last time you saw him really, honestly upset like this.

    It takes him a bit to respond. He won't look at you, he just stares... well, in the bucket, when he says hoarsely, "No. Just got a mind to." He's lying.

    What do you do?
  • Oh for frak's sake... I kneel down to his level, and brush some of the hair out of his face. "C'mon Hump... It ain't so bad..." I haven't seen him this upset since we lost Vicky — Victorianox was our younger sister that took sick when Ma' did. Everyone swore she was gunna pull through, and Ruth and Dad even rode out together to find meds for her. Hump really loved his little sis... I took it bad, but he took it way worse. Him and Ma'...

    Hump's always been sensitive, yeah? He just gets folks. I dunno what it is, but I'm kinda glad I ain't as sensitive as him — you gotta be strong to survive out here, otherwise you need folks like me to pick up the pieces. That ain't to say Hump's not important — he's just not the guy you turn to for taking a punch is all.

    "C'mon Hump, you can't lie to me. You told me yourself you hated the smell of Jack... Tell your big sis what's up..."

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  • With sudden energy, like you scratched a wound barely scabbed over, he yells at you wetly, "Barinet! You frakked her! You KNEW I liked her, dammit!"

    He hangs his head, like the outburst drained him, made his head ache, "You... you took her from me. Like everythin."
  • ... Did I frak her?

    ... I guess she was naked...

    I bite my lip, and breathe out through my nose. The stench of bile rising up through the pale isn't helping. I lower my voice, like Dad used to when we got upset. "Hump, Barinet and I... It wasn't... I don't... I mean, she's like... It ain't like you said you wanted her, Hump... How long've you been my li'l brother? Almost 13 years, yeah? You know I can't read your mind like Vicky could. When's the last time you hinted at something you wanted?"

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  • He doesn't look up, "You said you didn't even like her. I shouldn't... I shouldn't have to mark territory, you big... you big slut."

    Why did Hump call you a slut, Kiddo? He knew it would be the worst word to use, didn't he? Who called you that last?
  • I slap him – and I'm not pussyfooting around here, I want him to remember why that's not OK. "Frak you, Hump!" I may be yelling louder than I need to... "it's not my fault you can't tell your big sis you've got a chubby for some hooker in a bar!"

    That hurt as much as when Kodak called me a slut... I didn't sleep with nobody when we were together! You bet your ass I did after that, though...

    Why the frak am I taking this job again?

    "Get your sorry ass outside and wash up. I've got a job at first light, and you're staying behind with Brillo. If you're still in bed when I get back, I'm tossing your ass out."
  • Hump doesn't hit back. But damn, that slap. The side of his face is beet red and it had to have hurt. Sullenly, he stumbles out of bed and heads outside. The pain and anger carries him out where nausea might cause him to falter. And that's it, he doesn't say anything else. He's really, really mad.

    What do you do?
  • I throw the bucket out the frakking window is what I do! Then the empty bottle of Jack. Then his clothes out into the front room behind him as he stalks out.

    Frakking damn it! ... I storm out into the front room where Brillo is reading. "Why the frak did you let Hump drink?"
  • Brillo starts again, drops his dog-eared book on particle physics and blinks his big eyes up at you. He glances out the door Hump just stalked out, then says low, "He came in with it last night, said Svenja gave it to him."

    He adds after another glance, "I waited until he went to the bathroom and poured almost all of it out, then filled it back up with water. He was already pretty drunk, but I figured he'd run off if I, uhm, took his bottle away."

    Come to think of it, the bottle was the lightest stuff you'd ever seen.

    Hump slams the outer door, he's out in the street. Brillo is getting up, he obvious heard there is a job. You don't have to ask, he'll stay here with Hump. Why is he so loyal to you?
  • Cranky-bitch!

    Oh, I'm frakking fuming! Who the frak does she think she is, giving a 12 year old a bottle of frakking liquor?

    I don't care that this is my fault! Sure, he was sweet on her; but if she was sweet on him, she wouldn't have frakked me, would she have? DAMN IT!

    I pace a while, trying to calm myself down. At least Brillo was here looking out for him... I'd hate to see the state he'd be in if he drank the whole bottle! Frakking hell, I don't know what I'd do if Hump turned up dead... As much as Brillo rubs me the wrong way, and I hate relying on him, he is loyal...

    Most folks don't know this, 'cause anyone who got caught up in her wrath didn't really live to tell the tale, but Brillo pissed someone off hardcore when we were kids... Like, I'm going to kill you pissed off. I was out with my Ma' and Dad, and Auntie when we found him running from some folks looking to off him... I begged my parents to help him, and they did.

    I don't think he's ever had someone stand up for him like that before... You know, being the way he is and all... Which is stupid, 'cause the only reason he ain't trustworthy is because you can't stick a gun in his hand during a fight! He used to be a real crank, too, so that didn't help, but he's mellowed out over the years it seems.

    I should probably thank him... I turn back to Brillo, and stop him when he stands. I give him a level look — not pissed off, or anything — and nod. "Well," I mumble, "at least someone's looking out for him..."
  • Brillo shrugs. "I would miss him, too. He's a good boy."

    VB and Junker come in after you're finished pacing. Junker does his headbutt-into-your-hand thing that means he wants you to scratch behind his ears. VB says, "Saw Humpitty running around without a shirt, looking like he wanted to puke. He okay?"
  • I plop down into that chair we got for Junker, and start scratching at his ear... This one:

    The anger has kind of subsided, and I'm a little less prone to murder someone. "Seems Hump was sweet on Barinet, and he was a li'l upset I was too drunk to know not to sleep with her last night."

    Shit... "We both may have said some shit we shouldn't have said... He cleaning up?"
  • VB blinks. "Uhm, Kids... I told you like twice last night that it was a bad idea. Why do you think I crashed with y'all anyhow?"

    She snorts, "I mean, it's not like Humpitty had a frakkin chance, but yeah, he had the hots for her. We should... we should make up a code or somethin. Avoid future mix-ups. Or whatever." She heads over to her backpack, starts picking through clothes, then strips down to change.

    Brillo blinks and stares, like he always does. You swear, it's like he stops breathing. You can feel the heat radiate off him. And VB, she knows it, too. She plays all innocent, but you know she gets a dirty thrill out of it.

    And in a few brief moments, she's in a cut-off top and a plaid skirt, ready to go. "Brills, you seen Rinny?"

    Brillo answers after a lonnnnng pause, "Uhm... he... went out with, uhm... Svenja earlier. Hasn't.... uhm, been back. Yet."

    VB looks back at you, "Wanna hunt them down?"
  • Frak... I didn't know, OK? This is bullshit! I wouldn't frak Hump over if he was actually sweet on someone! Really! ... I mean, I may try and talk him down... Hump's not a bad guy – a bit young, sure – but he's entitled to some frakkin' standards, yeah? They all just call you a slut anyway...

    Urgh... Jack, we need to talk.

    I shake my head when Brillo starts drooling over Vee... Poor sucker. The idea of hunting down cranky-bitch with the boomstick crosses my mind. Twice. It makes me smile...

    "Yeah, we should go find 'em... Talking about frakking mistakes..."
  • Alright, let's say Brillo heads out with Junker to look for Hump while you and VB try to find Rinso and Svenja, alright?

    Can't be too hard. Rinso's well known around here. So, ask around, and Fuji from the Libs says he and some "dark girl" humped it out towards Redcliff a couple hours ago.

    What do you do? Head on? By foot? Maybe catch a ride with some chopper or something? Wait for them to come back? You know Rinso'd come back, right?
  • Rinso would come back, but considering he's normally back well before noon, I don't think he's running — and considering he's running with a bitch that had no trouble giving my younger brother enough liquor to frak him up? I'm not feeling too trusting right now!

    I grab my stuff, and "sweet talk" a chopper to give me a lift out in that direction.
  • Sure, Kiddo. You know, there are a couple nomads who offer smalltime protection and ferry folks from town to town. They hole up near Logitech's at Larabar's place. Larabar makes all kind of things, like soap, candle wax, other animal by-products.

    Of course, knick-knacks and other trinkets show up there, too. I'm not saying Larabar is a fence or anything. I mean, she's so sweet, right? Sweet lady, just getting by.

    Anyways, those two nomads are Cheetos, who says he's a guy, and who cares otherwise, even if he looks awfully clean and stuff and his best buddy Rolo. Cheetos is sort of the top dog.. of two. Okay, not the biggest pack in the world. But they're decent enough.

    And sweet talking Cheetos always works. Especially if VB bats her eyes at Rolo, too.

    Oh, here they are -

    So let's skip ahead a bit. Say you get to Redcliff in the early afternoon, Cheetos and Rolo offer to hand around and wait for you if you want a return trip. They're getting something from Henckles and plan on hanging around for an hour or so.

    You find Svenja and Rinso at Remy's shop. Odd thing, there's a big makeshift sled outside, loaded up with some metal and hard plastic crates, all opened up and empty now. They look real familiar.

    As you're walking towards the shack door, VB asks, "Hey Kids... is that drek from the ship?" Why yes, yes it appears to be stuff from the ship Svenja arrived here in.

    What do you do?
  • Rolo and Cheetos are a blast to drink with, so talking sweet to 'em isn't that big a deal. The ride out to Redcliff was probably a string of stupid inside jokes, and singing songs. Not much else to be done, yeah?

    When we're back at Remington's, and VB calls out the sled of shit from the ship, I'm already picking up my pace to find out what the frak's going on here. "Hey! Rem! Rinny? What the frak's all this?"
  • You walk in to see Remy sharing a hit with Svenja, Rinso's by the door, he hates that stuff (makes him sick, he told you). Wesson is sitting on the floor, checking out a few magazines of bullets and a couple small arms, nice stuff.

    Rinso's eyes widen when you come barging in. Svenja's rifle is slung over her shoulder, she exhales a puff of smoke, "We went in an stripped down what those stupid scavs left behind, s'all. Y'all missed a shitload."

    Remy gives you a nod, "Yeah, some good stuff in here. Maybe enough that I could start building guns like... I mean, once I figure out the tools and stuff."

    Rinso looks down at you, "We didn't know what we'd find until we went. I, uh, wasn't hiding it."
  • Great. More shit folks decide not to be explicit about. Frakking Wonderful.

    "You went without us? Rinny! What if there were more of those Eyes? or some of the dough-heads decided to come back for more?" I slap his arm, "Frak, man! You could have told us where you were going!"
  • Rinso looks away, ashamed. Svenja chuckles, "Chill the fuck out, Kiddo. Your boy can handle hisself. And there were drones, which is the only reason we got any of the good shit. We were just goin for a look-see, but damn, the barn door was wide open."

    VB walks over to drop down beside Wesson and look in the crate, too. She doesn't touch, but you know, Wesson don't mind.

    What do you do?
  • I snap a very cold look at Svenja when she chuckles, "Shut up, bitch! Nobody was talking to you! Who do you think you are, anyway? Giving my 12 year old brother a full bottle of liquor? Dragging my frakkin' boy out to a crash site?" I get right up in her face, "You don't know shit about how this world works, so I suggest you sit the frak down and shut the frak up, until you learn how this shit works, or you'll end up frakkin' dead!"
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    Svenja is not yet intimidated, not by words. She seems like a girl who's been yelled at before. She takes another drag off her joint, holds it for a second. Then blows it out, not exactly in your face. Only just. "Humphrey said he was gonna share with yer fucked-up eye buddy or whatever. Shit, where the fuck were you, really? If he's so fucking precious? Kid seemed fine to me when I left."

    She points behind you, where Rinso moved up. "And Rinso was there, too. So fuck you very much, Kiddo."
  • I reach for the biggest, heaviest, bluntest thing that fits easily into my hand — a monkey wrench sitting on Remy's toolbox — and crack Svenja upside the head.

    Pain first, then talk.
  • whoah. Since I didn't see that coming, I'll say she didn't either. So yeah, you just clocked her.

    It was one of those socket wrenches and you cracked her good. She shakes her head once, then like a delayed reaction, drops to one knee. The joint falls, too, which causes Remy to scream.

    Rinso says behind you, "Kiddo!" He's reaching from behind you, either to grab you up or maybe to try and take the wrench away.

    What do you do?
  • I haul the wrench away from Rinso's grasp, and give him a fiery look, "Rinny! Frak off! You weren't called a slut today by your own flesh and blood! I will be frakking damned if I'm gunna sit here and take shit from some stupid bitch!"

    I toss the wrench back onto the toolchest and grab Svenja by the collar of her jacket, then lean down to whisper in her ear. "Stupid folks like you don't last long out here, cause you think your tits are too big for your bra — so I'm going to make this crystal frakking clear for you just this once, yeah? My crew is my family, and nobody fraks with my family. If you do anything – and I do mean anything – to hurt them, I will put a bullet in your head."

    I pull my silenced pistol out of it's holster and cock it loudly next to her ear. "We gunna have a problem?"
  • Let's see you Go Aggro on that one.

    (sucker punch)
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  • Svenja is too dazed to keep up her front of bravado. She was clumsily reaching for her rifle when you put the gun in her face. She clears up a bit, looks into your eyes, like she wants to know if you'd do it.

    Evidently she decides you would, and breaks eye contact, saying hoarsely, "...no."

    Rinso stopped trying to grab you, but he's right behind you, "Kiddo, c'mon. Don't kill her. Please..." VB shushes him.
  • See? It ain't so frakking hard, is it? It's not like I'm asking her to do something hard or anything! I nod, and pull the gun out of her face, then stand back up and reholster my pistol.

    I turn back to Rinso, and look him in the eyes. I didn't want to kill cranky-bitch, but I sure as shit will if she hurts anyone I care about. "Show her the ropes, Rinny. I don't work with folks who put my people at risk — and we've got a job at first light tomorrow." He wants her around? He can train her.
  • When you turn back to him, Rinso lets you say your piece, then turns to the side and looks out the door, "Can we talk outside? Just for a minute."
  • "Fine," I say, kind of in a huff. I hold my hand out, to let him walk out first. Then when we're outside, away from prying ears, "What?"
  • VB sticks around inside. You know, in case Svenja gets a bad idea in her head.

    Once you're outside with Rinso, he drops his voice, "Okay... Svenja talks a lot of drek. I know. But the thing with Hump. He hit her up for the bottle and she gave me a look. I sort of said alright. I mean, the kid was so upset, you know? I drank a third of it with him, kept giving him little sips. Then Brillo watered it way the hell down."

    He frowns, like he realizes this is a pitiful list of excuses, "I just. I mean, I thought, you know, if we let him drink himself sick, it'd teach him a lesson and drek. I know. Stupid. But still, he thinks Svenja is really amazing, the stories she tells. And she's a damn good shot, too! She's... you know, teachin me stuff about soldierin. I just. Frak, Kiddo, this one should be on me, ok? Hump was my responsibility. I thought about coming for you, but you know, you were partyin down and stuff. I figured I'd take one for the team. Drek. I'm sorry."
  • I blink a few times, trying to keep up with him. Sometimes I wonder how much of the blame he's absorbing... I know Rinso meant well, and knowing him and Brillo were watching out for him makes me feel better; but today has been "make Kiddo feel like an idiot day," and the fact that folks aren't telling me shit that affects my family is the central frakking point of my anger.

    If Hump is interested in Svenja, then I guaran-frakking-tee I won't be stealing that one — but for some reason I think someone else is interested in Svenja.

    My face scrunches up, and I playfully slap Rinso's arm. "Tell me next time, Rinny. For frak's sake... You know I frak up sometimes, but I'm trying to look out for you folks. Hump is my responsibility, and I don't want to frak him up..."

    I take a deep breath and cross my arms, "This shit with Svenja was bigger than just last night. I don't want her thinking she can just pack up and run off on her own with you, and do whatever the frak she wants. It's dangerous out there, Rinny! What the frak were you thinking running out here without folks knowing where you were going? What if something happened? What if raiders hit you? What if Svenja turned on you? Or you both got frakking killed?"

    I give him a serious look, "Don't do that shit, yeah? You're smarter than that."

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  • Spending hold 1/3: What does Rinso intend to do?
  • Rinso frowns as he listens. A couple times he seems like he wants to interrupt, but doesn't. As you continue, he seems to get a little upset, but still, he holds his tongue. Then its obvious that you're done, and he says, "Kiddo... Hump and you, VB, too. You're my family.... ok, probably Brillo, too. I'm not going to run off with anybody, alright?"

    He reaches a hand back to scratch his neck, "And Svenja's got nobody, you know. No body. Sure, we frakked up, running off to the ship. We were out on a jog, is all. Laughing and. Yeah, I know, she was laughing. First time I'd heard it, and it was pretty flash. And she says, 'Hey, let's go check on the ship, see what's left.'"

    Rinso shakes his head, "I didn't think. I should've come back... but I'm not gonna leave you, Kiddo. I'm not... them." He doesn't say it with spite, he's trying to make a promise. Or something.

    Rinso wants to try and patch this rift. He wants to get Svenja into the group.
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    I breath in deep and hold it, giving Rinso a very serious look when he pauses before saying who he's not. I don't wanna hear it. Today's been bad enough, and tearing open old wounds is not my idea of a good frakking time. I take a deep breath when he doesn't say their names... Good.

    "Good," I avert my gaze, "'cause I know you're not stupid, Rinny... You're just a big softie is all..." I smirk and look up at him.

    After a brief pause, "So Hump likes Svenja, huh? Sounds more to me like you do."
  • Rinso blinks in shock and looks at you like you have a hole in your head, "Me?" He shifts his weight, "I mean, she's sharp, and, you know, a helluva shot. But like her? C'mon, Kiddo. I don't drek where I eat... you know me."
  • I do... Which is why I'm worried. I double down on my look, and raise my eyebrows without saying anything.

    Spending hold 2/3: Is Rinso telling the truth?
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    He's mostly telling the truth. He hasn't done anything with her. And it's not like he likes Svenja anywhere near as much as he loves you. So no, he hasn't drekked where he eats (yet).
  • I sigh with a pouty-frown, and furrow my brow in worry. Frak, Rinso... I'd just mess him up. I mean, I've basically done that already if you think about it. Ma' never could understand why Dad stuck around through all the shit, and sometimes I wonder the same thing about Rinso. He's such a sweetie...

    I put a hand on his cheek, and quirk a half-smile. "Yeah, I do know you," I slide my hand down to his chest, and get up on my tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Don't change, yeah Rinny? The world needs more men like you."

    Spending last hold 3/3: What does Rinso wish Kiddo would do?
  • Right now? Like right this second? Part of him wants you to kiss him again, of course. But he knows that would really mess things up. And well, he doesn't believe you'd mean it anyways. He doesn't want your pity.

    But the logic brain part of him wants you to be cool with Svenja, let her join the team even, and also let him off the hook with Hump because he really does feel guilty about it now, and that's enough.
  • Rinso looks down at you for a moment, then away, "Are we cool?"
  • Pity? Frak that shit! I grab the big lunk by his chin and torque his head back to face me. I throw my hands up on his shoulders and stand up on my tippy-toes again, then plant a kiss on his lips that'd make VB jealous! A kiss isn't gunna mess someone up, and it sure as hell isn't something you do to someone you pity!

    Don't look at me like that! Rinso and I have a complicated relationship — like most of my relationships — and you can't judge that! We may not be an item, but I love Rinso a lot! He's hot, and sweet, and really kind — especially considering how many guns he runs around with. If he doesn't want to frak, then that's his business — but I'll be damned if I'm gunna let him think I'm kissing him for anything other than love.

    I pull back from the kiss a few seconds later, and poke his nose. "'Course, sweetie!" I drop back down onto my feet, and fix my brastrap. "Keep Svenja in line on this job, yeah? She might be a good addition to the team if you think she's interested..."
  • Rinso's head jerks back a tiny bit when you grab his neck, but once you're kissing him, the floodgates open up and he's kissing you back with barely checked passion. He wraps his arms around you and lifts you up to him and when you pull back, he's sort of wide eyed, like he isn't sure what just happened or what it means, but wow was it awesome.

    Then you're slipping out of his grasp and on the ground again and he's looking down at you. The look of surprise fades, is replaced with a little grin and he nods, "Sure, I'll keep her in line. And the haul we got from the ship was pretty great. Can't fence most of it, but maybe Pincushion can re-purpose it, least that's what Svenja thinks."

    He looks like he expects you to head back in, but well, he's never actually stood this close to you before, like right in your personal bubble. Normally, he's at arm's length, but right now, doesn't seem as necessary, right?
  • Meh, he can stay where he is. I never got why he was so standoffish in the first place, but if he's comfortable, I don't mind letting him bask in it for a bit while I decide what to do next.

    Of course, we do have shit to do... So eventually I pat his arm, and smile up at him. "C'mon big fella, let's get this thing back to Boomtown. Best it goes where the jingle is!"
  • Rinso blinks like you woke him from a reverie and he looks down at you, says softly, "Yeah." He'll follow you in, hanging back a bit to let that distance grow again, the spell broken. For now.

    Inside, Remy is finishing up the crate and a slightly sullen Svenja is finishing up with Remy. He's handing off five magazines of ammo for her rifle, four for Rinso's, as well as three grenades and a couple mag lites.

    She sees you two enter, and looks like she's ready to go. VB hops up from her seat by the crate and Wesson, who was only sort of paying attention to the crate.

    What do you do?
  • The somber scene in the workshop means my message got through.


    I wait a minute for Remy to finish distributing payment, then clap my hands. "Alright folks, let's got home... Rinny, you're on sled duty. Svenja, VB and I will take point. No drinks tonight, on the count of the early morning tomorrow, but I'll buy a round for everyone when we get back. You guys got a good haul..."

    Take it or leave it Svenja. That's as close to a complement as you're getting from me today.
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    Svenja settles up with Remy and Wesson. On the way out, Rinso hands you a box of shells for your boomstick from the pack Svenja hands him,

    Are you walking back, Rinso pulling the sled, or do you hook back up with the Ferrymen? They can't carry everyone, of course, but they could pull the sled, probably.
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    We're walking. No sense in coming out to find Svenja and Rinso if we leave 'em behind.
  • On the way back, Rinso hitches up the shoulder straps they rigged and he pulls the sled. Svenja walks near Rinso, you hear her try and convince him to let her help, but he keeps saying he's got it.

    VB pulls you up ahead with her, she's got that smirk on her face. The one of triumph. She has a small backpack she picked up at Remy's, probably. She fishes out a sweet little nine MM with a laser sight. "Whatcha think, Kids? Looks nice, hunh?"
  • "Frakkin' sweet! " I move in closer to get a better look, "how'd you swing that?"

    I'm surprised Vee picked up a gun, but I'm also a sucker for a quality item...
  • She giggles, "Wesson was pretty stoned. I just nicked it, right out from under him" She flips it around to hold the barrel, hands it towards you, "You want it?"
  • I shake my head. "No thanks, sweetie. I can't shoot straight for shit with two pistols, and I prefer my hand-me-downs. That, and if Remy or Wesson ever saw it, they'd start asking questions I don't wanna have to answer."

    I ain't against stealing, per say — I've done it a few times in my life — but I work with Remy and Wesson on a regular basis. Sure they're stoned more often than not, but they ain't stupid...

    ... They ain't rich either, come to think of it, and that's one fine ass gun... "Lemme see it a second, sweetie. It got any markings on it? Names or something? Wesson does a lot of repair and mod jobs — you sure it's his?"
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    VB hands you the gun. It's very advanced. The sight itself, it's sturdy, pretty nice and durable. VB says, "It was in the crate with all the other stuff she was barterin. You saw what little Remy gave back, right? They were rippin Rinny off. It was drek. She doesn't know a damn thing about what that was worth, and Rinny just went along like he does for any pretty girl. The idiot. So, you know, they won't miss it."

    The thing is, Kiddo. This gun, it's nice and all. But it didn't come from that crashed ship. It's a good piece, but nowhere near as advanced as the stuff Svenja was toting around. And its obvious VB doesn't know that.

    What do you do?
  • I bite my lip. "Uh... You sure this was in the crate with her shit? This is older than my Ma's piece, Vee... Look here," I point out the info by the serial number, "this number here's the manufacturing date. It's ... Well, it's smaller than the one my Ma's has." I tear apart the gun and look down the barrel, "and see how the gun's barrel is rifled? that's tech my guns don't even use anymore... The shit we found in there was all pulse rifles, and high-tech crap."

    I don't mind so much about VB evening the score if Remy was ripping Svenja off — I knew she'd get ripped off sooner or later. I should've caught that... "I ain't worried about Remy. He gives us any grief, and I'll remind him about the last time he tried to screw us over... But if this is someone else's, I don't want them following a trail back to us, yeah?"

    I put the gun back together, and hand it to her by the barrel. "If you're gunna keep it, then that's fine — but if you wanna sell it, we should give it wide berth. Someone we trust, and somewhere far frakking away, yeah?"
  • VB follows your finger to the serial number, then peers down the barrel when you break it apart. "It was in the crate with the other stuff, yeah. I mean, that was all I was close to, you know? Stupid Wesson," She chuckles once, "More interested in the fact that my thigh rubbed up against his than sorting through the drek. I picked it right outta the crate, put it in a bag and walked off." You think she's more interested in explaining how she nicked it than the actual item itself.

    She spends an inordinate amount of time trying to get the gun back together, then when it finally whole, she says, "I dunno. It isn't so heavy as most guns. I guess I could keep it. But, I can't shoot for frak. Makes my wrists hurt, you know?"

    VB walks for a bit longer, then loops an arm in yours after putting the gun back in her pack, "You think you could make me a gun totin badass like you, Kids?" Her tone is playful, but the compliment feels heartfelt.
  • I throw my arm around her and smile wide, "Of course I could sweetie! You've got the bad-ass part down flat. All you've gotta do is learn how to shoot a gun in those flawlessly manicured hands of yours..." I peck her on the cheek and let her go again.

    "Can you imagine us as a pair like that?" I wave my hands through the air in a sweeping, grandiose motion, "Frakkin', "The Battle Babes" they'd call us! The sexiest gun-toting bitches in all of Salt Flats!" The thought of it makes me giddy. I giggle with glee, and bite my lip. That has a nice ring to it!

  • VB rolls her eyes, but joins you in laughter. After some more walking, she starts humming a song, sort of unaware she's doing it, you know? It only takes a few seconds before you recognize it. It's a song your dad wrote about your mom, has some nice lyrics to it. Do you do anything about that?

    Meanwhile, back at the sled, Svenja walking and occasionally talking low with Rinso. She isn't shooting you dirty looks or anything anymore. In fact, she appears to have fallen in line, gives you "the nod" when you look back, her face is pretty neutral. Rinso's got his game face on, evidently the sled is pretty heavy, and the travel to Boomtown is up a slight grade. He isn't complaining, he wouldn't. But yeah, this is going to take a bit out of him. He may need to take a rest when you get back to Boomtown.

    About an hour out, over halfway, really, Cheetos and Rolo come riding up. They slow down when they get up to you, and Cheetos says over his bike, "Hey, Kids! Vee! Rinso! What you guys doin?"

    "I'm pulling a sled, dumbass!" Rinso shoots back, annoyed. Svenja snickers.

    Cheetos shrugs, "Yeah, well, obviously that. I. Frak it, whatever."

    VB lets go of your arm and jogs over to Cheetos with a grin, "Heyyyy Cheetos! You offerin... rides?" She bats her eyes all flirty like, but way overdone, like she's joking around.

    What do you do?
  • I smirk at Rinso's sarcastic rebuttal, and shake my head. Rinny's definitely going to need a nap after this. I think he gets cranky when he overexerts himself like this...

    Vee's always had a bit of a wild streak in her, but recently she's been ... I dunno, more wild? Is there a word for that? If she keeps taking risks like this, someone's gunna call her on it; and considering I've been late to the scene these past couple times she's pulled something like this, I should probably try and reel it in.

    "Vee, don't tease the poor frakkers — they need blood in their heads to ride." I walk up to the bikes, "You guys got a hitch to drag a sled on those bikes?"
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    Rolo grins and nods, "Yup, Kiddo, sure do!" He turns in his seat to open up a tackle box he has bolted onto the back of his bike, and after fiddling with the lock, pulls out a hitch and a thin chain. "It should pull that load."

    Cheetos leans over his handlebars (he's got a chopper, with "ape hangers", those long handlebars that swoop up a bit), "So, Kiddo, you want some help getting yer wagon back home?"

    Here's Cheetos' bike:


    "Whatever," Cheetos says dismissively. Then he looks to you.
  • I nod, tilting my head to the side a bit — without even thinking, really. "I'm sure we can work something out, yeah?"
  • Cheetos grins wide, "Well, we can hitch up the sled and take, say, a couple of ya, no problems."

    Rolo throws out, "Yeah, we can zip a couple to Boomtown, then come back for the other two." Cheetos pauses a second, like that wasn't his plan, but shrugs.

    "What's in it for you?" Rinso asks with suspicion.

    Cheetos answers, "A pick from the crates, or a couple rounds of drinks and gas for our bikes."
  • I grin, and move up to Cheetos — slinking my posture a bit, and playing with my hair. "What're you gunna do with a pick from those crates, yeah? You don't even know what's in 'em. You sure you wouldn't rather have something else? Something..." I look him up and down, and bite my lip gently. Good thing Vee gave me some of that lip-gloss crap she carries around, "something more fun?"
  • OOC: I'm trying to seduce Cheetos here. So here's that roll, in case you agree.
    Roll+Hot. +1XP rolling Hot.

    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 5, 1. Total: 7)
  • Cheetos nods a couple times, then glances over to Rolo, then back to you.

    He swallows like he got cotton mouth, says low, a little husky, "I'd rather have you, Kiddo." Then a little louder, "After we finish up, you and me, we go for a- a ride. Yeah?"

    He pats the front of his seat, scoots back a little to make room for you. "Rolo, man. Hitch up that sled."

    VB pipes up with, "Svenja, why don't you ride back with Rolo? I'll walk with Rinso until they swing back for us."

    "Works for me."

    What do you do?
  • I wink at Rolo, and hop on the back of Cheetos' bike. "Let's get to it, then."

    This should be fun...
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    Svenja rides behind Rolo, and you sit in front of Cheetos. Rolo takes it nice and slow, because he's pulling the sled. Cheetos doesn't lose him, he just pulls up ahead maybe ten meters, riding easy, nothing major. He doesn't wear a helmet (very few riders do, not an easy thing to find in the junk), so he leans in to nuzzle on your neck a couple times. Nothing too forceful, really, more like an affectionate kiss on the back and side of your neck.

    After a klick of riding, he reaches down with one hand, and pulls your right hand up onto his handlebars, then takes hold of your left, doing the same thing. You've ridden before with your ma, right? I mean, this is no big thing, at least as far as you riding a bike. But then Cheetos starts running his hands over your body, starting with your tummy, but in no time, he's reaching under your shirt with one hand, and well, trying to dip into your shorts with the other. And his mouth is back on your neck.

    Of course, there's no way he's expecting the two of you to have sex like this, but evidently, he's not going to wait around for some other time, some other place for his something else. Do you play along?
  • I don't pay it much mind. I just keep up the image that he's hot shit, cooing and swooning when necessary to keep him interested. I'm honestly a bit giddy when he lets me take the handles. I used to love when my Ma' let me drive with her! These hogs are just so powerful!

    When he slips his hand under my shirt, and down my pants, I need to focus just to keep my eyes from rolling back into my head. I mean, the engine was doing a fine job getting me ready, I didn't need this too... "Frak, man," I moan, focusing hard on the road ahead, "You trying to kill us?"

    I mean, I ain't gunna stop him... But some damned patience would be nice.
  • Cheetos laughs into your ear, "Damn, Kiddo. You are too frakkin hot, you know? You wanna head back, get a room?" Seems like he's forgetting the return trip part of the deal. He pauses in his little assault for an answer, but you don't think he will for long.
  • I shake my head, grinning a bit at his enthusiasm, "tsk tsk tsk, Chee. You're just gunna leave VB and Rinso out in the heat? I can give you something to tide you over when we get back; but as soon as you get back with Rinny and Vee, I'll frak your brains out, Chee."

    I think Svenja's got her head in the game enough to take care of her self with one dude. I lay on the clutch a little, picking up the pace. Best do this quickly if I want Rinny and Vee out of this heat.
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    "We got a deal, Kiddo." That's enough for Cheetos to slack off a bit. I mean, he still has a hand under your shirt, but he keeps it on your tummy. And in no time, you're back at your shack. Unless you wanted to be dropped off somewhere else.

    Oh, and by the way, what do you give Chee to tide him over?

    Rolo and Cheetos ride out, leaving you and Svenja standing there. She has this odd half-smile on her face, and says, "Girl, you like playin the angles, doncha? That chick last night, Rinso, VB, now this biker... good thing they don't have fuckin little black books no more. Yours would be huge." Her tone is sharp, but her eyes aren't hard, really. "So what's your deal?"
  • The shack is fine. I call up to Brillo and Hump, and get them to help unload the sled — and take stuff upstairs. As for what I gave Chee: a lady never tells.

    ... But I ain't a lady, am I? Heh heh. Just a quick grope. If he really wants to get off that bad, I'll finish him off — but I'd prefer to keep him horny so he does this run quick. Once Rolo and Chee ride off, I take a few minutes to get a drink of water from the well. That's when Svenja decides to call my sexual proclivities into question. It ain't something I like talking to folks about much, but since I'm in the mood to be straight, I guess I don't feel too bad telling her the truth.

    "Sex and love, sweetie, are two different things." I splash some water on my face and step into the shade to rest up a bit. "VB's as much a sister to me as Hump is my brother, and Rinso's the sweetest man in the whole of Salt Flats — I love 'em both, and I'm not gunna let bullshit like other folks get in the way of me showing that — that's what my Auntie Ruth always said. My family was all the better for it too, yeah?"

    That's more or less what I told Kodak the day he decided to turn into a prick. I may've been swearing a bit more though...

    "Barinet and Cheetos though? That's just having fun... Cheetos wants to frak me? If he'll pick up my family from dying of heat stroke in the desert, I'll frak him." Of course, it's a bit more complicated than that... Cheetos ain't a breeder. Ma' and Dad always told me to be real frakking careful about that... I don't blame 'em. "Why? You looking to start one of those black books out here?"
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    Svenja purses her lips a bit. Then asks, "Wait... so you think of 'em as family, but you fuck em? Like, is that normal round here? I aint judging, well, not exactly. And... what about, you know, disease and shit?"

    Her lips curl into a hint of a mocking smile, and she crosses her arms, "Aint nobody dyin o' heatstroke today, girl. You rubbed up on... the fuck's his name? Cheetos?" Her tone drops suddenly, she shakes her head, "Fucking Cheetos, damn these names. Anyways, you rubbed up on him for somethin else, I think. Or at least, somethin more. I get sex as a weapon an all that shit. But I don't quite get you."
  • I give her a surprised look. "Fuck? ... You mean frak? Vee and I don't frak, and Rinso never said he wanted to frak... I mean, it'd be frakking weird for Vee and me, considering all we've been through." I lean against the wall, trying to figure out what she means...

    "You think me kissing 'em means we frak?" Now that's a weird frakking thought. "Well, it don't — and most folks round here pick up something at one point in their lives. You just gotta be careful, and wrap the poor fucker's wang up if it looks like it's about to fall off. For everything else, there's Doc Brita."

    I let her keep talking for a while before sighing at her comment about heatstroke, and frown when she brings up Cheetos. "You wanna get paid for your hard work out there today, or not, sweetie?" That came out kinda harsh, but I'm not saying it like I'm gunna keep her share or nothing. "I frak Cheetos, and that's one extra thing in those crates we get to sell off at no frakking cost to us, except my time — time I happen to be enjoying anyway."

    I feel like I might be wasting my time here... "Look. Folks around here tend to think I sleep around a lot... I didn't before, and now I'm less picky – but I'm not a frakking slut! That's an ugly lie, born from bullshit assumptions like the one you just made. The truth is, I'll frak whoever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want, and for whatever frakking reason I want — I'd advise you do the same."
  • Svenja's brows furrow and she narrows her eyes, "Listen, you live your life however you want, alright? I wasn't assuming. I asked you. Not in front of nobody, just you and me. So, just... just back off, man, alright?" She licks her lips and the scowl drops. Then she looks away and back at you, and you see she's not trying to be brusque. And it isn't so easy for her.

    "Kiddo," she says in a softer tone, "I don't even get people here. I mean... shit, I've been here a few weeks, and I still feel like an alien. And the only two people I know, well, we aren't exactly friendly."

    She grimaces a bit, "Tried askin Rinso, but you mention anythin about girls and he gets all squirrely and shit. So, I asked you how you people fuck around and stuff. Because for all I fucking know, you could all be a bunch of twenty-wife having fuckers, or maybe you only fuck your own kin. I mean, shit. I don't even know what's up or down anymore. Like, this place is almost like a slum back home, what with all the trash and the fightin. But then it's all fucked up, too."

    Svenja starts fiddling with her rifle, clearing the chamber, checking the read-out, the magazine, just anything to not look around or talk anymore.
  • Well frak... What's it been? A week since cranky-bitch showed up? And just now she decides to say something interesting? I kinda feel bad for giving her shit now... kinda.

    I take a deep breath, hold it in a minute, and breathe out loudly. "For the record, frakking here is real simple: find someone you like, and frak. Good folks ask permission first, but there ain't many of them around. Most folks don't take wives, or frak their own kin... Only a few folks can even have kids; but if you can, and do, good folks try to stick it out. Kids are kind of sacred to most folks..."

    I pause a minute, wondering if I should even ask why she's so interested in frakking, but that's a stupid question... Who isn't interested in frakking? "What's it like where you're from?"
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    Svenja was listening when you explained how things worked, but still fiddling with her rifle. When you ask her what it's like where she's from, she looks up, "Different. Real different. Rich folks, they can fuck around, because they've got lots of birth control options and shit. But poor folks like me? Shit, we aint got the money for shit like that, so if you fuck around, you'll prob'ly end up pregnant. And gettin an abortion puts you on a list with the churchers... I mean, not that I'd ever do that, you know? I was in a big family, seven of us all cramped up in a gov'ment home, wards o' the state cause my dad was in an iso cube for cappin some asshole that raped my big sister Kori."

    Like she's been saving this up, she just keeps talking. Got to be the most she's said to anyone since she got here, "I was a middle kid, you know. Sort of forgotten, but I found my own way. I worked out with two of my brothers, Malik and Robert. Every day. Around fourteen, I could keep up with 'em. And I lied about my age to sign up an be a colonial marine, just like Robert. I figured I'd do a couple terms, then muster out an bankroll my scholarships to get a civvie job an be set. Maybe even offer some o' my sisters a place to stay, you know." She looks around, at this place, the foreign sky, shakes her head.

    She purses her lips, "My sisters... shit. I'm guessin they're grown now, maybe even old... I oughta ask Stitch how long we were under. I kinda avoided it so far, you know?" The thought causes her to frown a bit.

    You're both standin outside, right? Svenja asks, "Where you wanna stash this shit? Up in yer place? I figure Caesar can make some use outta some of this shit, maybe. If not, well, you know, we could sell it, right? You got a Pawn Shop or something round here?"
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    An abortion? What? Like killing your baby? I don't think I know anyone who would do that willingly... Maybe a few crazy bitches, like the Mohawks, who go through the trouble to make sure they can't have kids... But not most folks, for sure. Hell, not even me!

    I listen to her talk about her family. Her dad who was "iced", and her big sister, her brothers. It don't mean much to me — but she's talking about her family, and the old world, so that kind of keeps me interested.

    That, and it is the most I've heard this woman talk before...

    "Well," I sniff, kicking off the wall, "I'm sure your family had it better than most folks here do... If that's any consolation. There ain't no rich folks here... And there ain't no abortions neither, so if you can bake buns," I poke to her tummy, "and you don't want kids? Best stick to the ladies, or them boys that are sterile..."

    I clear my throat, and walk over to the crates. "Nobody messes with my shack, so it's one of the best places to keep this shit. Go ahead and give Caesar whatever he can make use of — try and keep it to shit he can really use, though. Brillo will go through it all, and tell us what's worth keeping and what's worth selling, and how much it's worth." Then I point down the road to an old shack, "That there's old Morgan's pawn shop. He'll take just about anything — worth it or not. Just promise me you'll go in there with one of us, yeah? Remy screwed you over back in Redcliff, and we're gunna make sure that shit don't happen again, yeah?"
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    Svenja makes a sour face when you mention "sticking to the ladies", but she doesn't say anything. When you agree to keep the stuff at the shack, she picks up a crate with a little grunt of effort and starts to take it in. I assume you do, too?

    She says, "The fuck? That asshole ripped us off? Damn, Rinso said he had my back. Hunh, I'm assumin he don't trade much then? He just walk around like he's cock o' the walk and shit?"

    As you're both headed up the stairs, "Is he, you know, sterile?" She asks it, casual-like, but quiet, a little curious.
  • I grab a crate with her, and follow her into the garage. "You'll notice Rinso don't do much more than lift weights, shoot straight, and look sexy, or intimidating — whichever's more useful to him at the moment... Well, I mean, he does other shit too, but he's just too damn nice for his own good, yeah?" I shrug, like it ain't that big a deal, "So no, he don't trade much — but two girls, an old man who can't see straight, and a 12 year old walking around the flats alone? Rinso keeps us all safe, yeah? Vee set it straight. She's sharp — even if her judgement is sometimes a bit shady. She's good to have around."

    I give Svenja a blank look when she asks me if "he" is sterile. It takes me a second to realize she means Rinso. "Uh... Maybe? We don't really have tests anymore... He was vat-born, though, so there's a good frakking chance he is... 1 in 6 of 'em can't conceive, or miscarry more often than not. Thing is, you gotta frak another breeder to know for sure, and Rinso ain't exactly frakking many chicks, yeah? It's kind of a gamble..." The sad thing is we don't have the vats anymore, so we're dealing with those numbers much more regularly. Someone gets pregnant, and it's a pretty big deal... We need every kid we can get, yeah?

    I adjust the crate to get more comfortable. Frak these things are heavy... "Hump and I aren't vat-bred. My dad had me tested when I was little, and they were big on making sure I knew everyone who was a breeder — cause they didn't want me getting knocked up by surprise, like they did, and also in case I ever did want kids..." I chuckle to myself, "watch out for Hump, by the way... Apparently he's sweet on ya."
  • You reach the top floor and both put down your crates. Nobody is here, not even Junker or Brillo. When you answer about Rinso, Svenja says, "A gamble, hunh? Guess it aint so different than home there then."

    You both head down for another couple crates when you mention Hump. She snorts, "No shit? Well, fuck, Kiddo. Not sure what to do with that. I mean, he's just a little kid. Maybe, you know, six - seven years from now, we could talk... around when do kids start fucking around here?" She grunts while hefting another crate. She's headed back in.

    Oh and by the way, there are four guys watching this from across the street. They're part of the Libs, well, pledges. The Libs have twice as many pledges as they have members. The pledges are on the outside looking in, and they do all the dirty work. The oldest one is Crispin:

    They're just watching, but there's something funny about how intensely they're watching you.

    What do you do?
  • "He's definitely a little kid," I offer, grabbing another crate. I shrug when she asks when kids start frakking around here. "Depends on the kid... I was late to the game, cause I was confused for a bit in the early days, but most folks start around Hump's age with other folks their own age. Hump is pretty sensitive to that crap though. He gets folks, and feels stuff pretty intensely."

    That's when I notice Crispin giving me the stink eye. I put the crate down and walk over to them, a serious look on my face. "The frak you want?"
  • Svenja nods, "Hah... yeah. I messed around back then." She picks up on your comment about confused a bit, but then you're looking at Crispin. She slides back a step, sets the crate down and brings her rifle off her shoulder, not pointing at them, but ready.

    Crispin says plain, with the courage or folly of youth and hunger, "We'll carry the rest of your drek up for some bullets or food." The kids are a bit thin, but they haven't lost muscle tone or anything.

    What do you do?
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    "Didn't we all?" I joke, feeling a bit more comfortable with her now that she's eased up. How old is Svenja, anyway? ... I mean, not including the icing obviously.

    ... Then back in the moment ...

    What the frak's up with libs begging for food? They must be going through hard times if the pledges aren't eating... "Ain't Braeburn feeding you guys?"
  • Physically, Svenja looks to be maybe twenty, could be a tad bit younger. She probably seemed older when she was busy scowling and gun-toting, but you got a glimpse of her without that.

    Crispin looks at you, then glances over at Svenja and her rifle. "Brae's fine. But you know, good food is always somethin to have." Then he looks at you again, gives a half smile.

  • I shoot him a slack-jawed look when he claims Brae's doing fine. Food is hard enough to come by, and I sure as shit ain't gunna give the Libs bullets. "Then go get some from him," I turn back to the crates, and sit on top of 'em, setting my pack down next to me, my boomstick leaning against my leg. "We got this."
  • Svenja nods, and after a moment of staring at them, holsters her rifle and moves her her crate.

    Here's the thing, Kiddo.

    There are three crates left. They're heavy enough that you and Svenja can carry one at a time without you know, breaking your back or anything. So, you gonna leave the third crate behind?
  • I'm gunna sit on it while Svenja goes up with them alone. Wouldn't be the first time I've blown some frakker away because he thought I wouldn't shoot him — probably won't be the last, either. I turn back to Svenja, "Take care of those for me, will you sweetie? Seems some folks think us girls need supervision to lift crates."
  • Svenja makes a pfft noise and finishes picking up the crate. She turns to look at them. "Where I come from, we call boys like that, ragamuffins. If they give you any trouble, save one for me. Aint shot anyone in a few hours." Then she heads inside.

    Crispin and the others hand back, across the street by a doorway for a few seconds. Then he walks over with the others close behind, like a little flock of birds in the sky. "Hey yo, why don't you give us some o' that, yeah? That's a drek-load of stuff. You won't even miss it."
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