[Fury] Session Five Ender (and beginning of Session Six)


This is the thread for wrapping up session five.

At the end of every session, choose a character who knows you better than they used to. If there’s more than one, choose one at your whim. Tell that player to add +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If this brings them to Hx+4, they reset to Hx+1 (and therefore mark experience). If no one knows you better, choose a character who doesn’t know you as well as they thought, or choose any character at your whim. Tell that player to take -1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If this brings them to Hx -3, they reset to Hx=0 (and therefore mark experience).

- Does anyone want new highlights?

- Let's do the barter spend this time. I'm skipping a few weeks.

Also, if you have start of session moves, please roll them here.


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    Just to start, for our intimacies, Dog Gaines +1 hx with me resetting if necessary and my hx with her sets to +3. She also knows me way better.
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    New highlights please. (I currently have Sharp and Cool, but I took the stat swap move for Cool.)

    Spending two barter this session, upgrading quarters for my followers at Grindhouse.
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    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 9)
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    Surplus: augury & stupor. My followers are drug-fixated and constitute a powerful psychic antenna.
    Want: savagery. My followers are decadent and perverse.
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    My Hx resets with Bon from her Special, I take 1xp from the reset (5xp).

    I'll take +1 Hard for my Advance, simple and effective.

    Bon sets to +3 Hx with me and chooses if I get an additional +1 or a -1 from the Chopper special.

    I think Bon also knows me better from this session.

    EDIT: I also pay 1 Barter for my rent this session. As usual I got simple tastes and after the luxurious not-a-towel-bath I'm gonna revert. Putting out feelers to improve the hideout.
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    For highlights, Gates is still my man.
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    Of course you get the extra +1 from your special, Dog.

    And I reset with you to +1 hx and gain 1xp (now at 2xp). I'll put up a question a bit later.

    I gain +1 stock from my supplier.

    Also spending 2-barter for upkeep to the infirmary (or is it three?)

    Seatac will get to highlight me.
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    If I'm highlighting Bon, I need her to be Sharp, because I'm anything but, after this encounter with Rain. Maybe Bon can help figure it out? As far as who knows me better, it's clear that it's Gates, I think.
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    Bon, I've known you were serious about the clinic from the beginning, when you took mad and left the gang for a while. In no time it was running - your skill got you all set up in SafeCo. You're way more than they had before.

    So what's the future you have in mind for the clinic? Right now you have the people you picked up from HM's harbor, but when they're out one way or another - what's next?
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    Hey Dog, go ahead and keep Sharp highlighted.

    Vignette highlights me.

    Also- I think I definitely know SeaTac better, just as he knows me better.
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    Gates knows me better.

    Oh, and Gates, be Sharp--I do not know that Rain's plans for you are at an end.

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    Wealth roll for Pike: (Rolled: 2d6+0. Rolls: 1, 5. Total: 6)

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    Dog highlights me.

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    Vignette, I still wonder if all your Weird brain-stuff is such a great deal or not. Convince me.
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    I've performed for her in exchange for a favor, so Vignette knows me more.

    Dog, Bon & SeaTac have are tied for my hx now. I'd like Dog to highlight me this time.
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    My life with the Arrows has been a good one, but it always hurt that I could only help so many people. While I often had the knowledge, a mobile medic simply cannot solve a great many problems that require time, space, and tools. With Valentine's help I was able to gain a place in Safeco and make the clinic. I am not sure what vision I had beyond having a more permanent place to do what I could, but my months here have had another vision whispering at the edges.

    I am not enough. Neither are the children. But taking on Ghost's help and even Decatur's has made me think that ten people, or perhaps twenty people trained to help and to work together? Perhaps even more?

    What a thing that would be.

    As for a question...

    As I have said, you have truly grown into your role as leader of the Arrows. Nana would be proud of you, I think. I am. Where do you think you are leading them, though, Dog? A group like the Arrows is a force to be reckoned with in the world. What vision do you have for that force, if any? Do you want something for them, that they don't already have?

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    August, I always like the way you think. You stay curious. So stay Sharp.


    I guess the person who's most surprised I'm doing a good job here is me. But it does make me happy, both doing this work and seeing myself get better at it, makin' some big wins. I don't rightly know what I'm after for us right now - in my heart I'm restless. Is Seatown the end of the road? Is that what we need? You've got the clinic. August has Grindhouse, now. Rainey's got her eyes set on a spot in Yacht Club.

    You know I'm not into this for scrogs nor jingle. Not even for power. The Arrows gave me a place to live and a taste of freedom and time to meet myself in. Nana whooped my ass until I knew how to be a person. I'll never forget it.

    If we had a lead on more bikes, I'd make the gang bigger, give those opportunities I had to more girls. I'm thinking about building up the hideout, make it more permanent, a better space for us to use. Most every Arrow's got some skills that make her more than a woman with a bike and a gun. I want to set that loose, see what happens. You know?

    Nana used to tell me there was two types of people who made a hold, and two types of people who start families. For holds, it's people who want more people to steal from, and people who want more people to share with. For families, it's people who always want someone at hand to dominate, and people who always want someone at hand to love.

    The bikes..they're still important, but they're nothin' without a strong rider.
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    Spending just one barter on upkeep–I live simply, like my crew. This gig is not a get rich quick scheme. Also…there is that failed wealth roll to consider…

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    SeaTac- Hard, of course. We might have forest folk to deal with!
  • MC highlights:
    Bon - Hard, we've seen your soft side, flip the script
    Dog - Weird, because opening brains is fun
    Gates - stay Hard, I want to see you take action!
    Vignette - Be Hot, darling
    August - I'd like you Weird
    SeaTac - be Sharp out there, soldier
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    Hey Vignette- just realized I rolled over with you. Here's my question: you've moved up in the world. What kind o' long term plans do you have fer Pike? What's yer vision o' this place?
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    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 4, 3. Total: 8)
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    My vision for Pike? I almost hate to say it out loud. When I was younger, I had dreamed of killing my father and running Safeco. Honestly, that fantasy never went beyond the initial takeover. Taking Safeco was just a way of taking what Daddy loved, the way he took my mother from me.

    I did not know I really wanted to run a hold until the moment I stepped into Millions' bedroom and saw that he had August captive. In that moment, I realized that I was fed up with the abuse of power. I would run Pike--not because I wanted to hurt Millions or Daddy, but because I wanted life to be different. No one should own or be owned by anyone. The hold should exist for the benefit of the people who live there.

    I am a young woman, small of stature. A spooky one, sure, but I am no warrior. I cannot start my rule with a "soft" agenda and be taken seriously. So, for now, I focus on justice and security, small improvements--not taking a big chunk of the hold's income for myself, not tolerating abuse of power from my own forces, and undermining the worst of the gangs.

    I had planned for the demise of the Tax Patrol, because it preyed directly on people moving between Safeco and Pike. The Admiral accelerated that a good bit. My hope is to replace the Tax Patrol with a group that makes the Safeco-Pike route safe for everyone. Maybe this group is the Arrows. Maybe another gang can be reformed.

    Beyond the gangs are the less simple matters of the red sickness and the drug, Home. It is here where my hopes rest upon Bon. I hope she can render Home harmless, using the sample I got for her. I had hoped to get a sample of Rain's supposedly-healing clearwater, but his price--standing by and watching him harm Gates' family--was too high.

    I have no illusions about making the whole world safe, but I envision a Safeco-Pike region in which fear of violence or sickness is not a dominant part of people's lives.

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