[Fury] Session Four Ender (and beginning of Session Five)

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This is the thread for wrapping up session four.

At the end of every session, choose a character who knows you better than they used to. If there’s more than one, choose one at your whim. Tell that player to add +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If this brings them to Hx+4, they reset to Hx+1 (and therefore mark experience). If no one knows you better, choose a character who doesn’t know you as well as they thought, or choose any character at your whim. Tell that player to take -1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If this brings them to Hx -3, they reset to Hx=0 (and therefore mark experience).

Does anyone want new highlights?

Let's do the barter spend this time.

Also, if you have start of session moves, please roll them here.


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    Gates knows me a tiny bit better.

    New highlights would be good. SeaTac highlights me.

    Spending standard upkeep--I live frugally, like my people (though I'm unsure of how my personal upkeep and that of Pike relate, and I am paying Jax a premium above what he was paid by Millions. Maybe that's just in the fiction or maybe all this "spreading the wealth" is, in effect, demanding a higher upkeep spend. Interested in MC thoughts on that.

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    photo Valentine_zpssjfm5cvh.jpg

    Bon knows me better, an she may not yet realize.

    [Your establishment provides for your day-to-day living, so while you’re open for business, you need not spend barter for your lifestyle at the beginning of the session.]
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    Bon knows me better.

    I sell some of my loot from the Leviathan to Runaround, use that to pay my way for the last while.
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    (Rolled: 2d6+2. Rolls: 5, 5. Total: 12)
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    I reset with both Valentine and August for +2 xp.

    Between now having a supplier and recovering Stock from the Leviathan I now have 3 stock.

    I will spend a Barter to maintain the modest lifestyle. (would really like to know the rest of those rules. Just seems like a sink right now... why would I pay 2?)

    Dog knows me better. I know there was the connection with August, but they seem to be in a strange place now.

    Let's change highlights.
  • trevis said:

    (would really like to know the rest of those rules. Just seems like a sink right now... why would I pay 2?)

    Yes. So do I.
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    SeaTac knows me better.

    I get highlighted by Vignette.
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    Fortunes roll!

    (Rolled: 2d6+1. Rolls: 2, 3. Total: 6)
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    Gates, you are the one I go to for advice. You are so peaceful and kind and supportive. Some might misinterpret that as weakness, but I have seen your mind. I remember when I was afraid of you, your intensity. You have some tough times ahead, Gates, show the rest of the world that you can be Hard.

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    Reckon that Dog knows me better—we worked tight on the soaking crazy boat raid. (Also, Gates just reset my Hx with him, so I'm marking XP.)

    Seems like I'm out 2-barter for upkeep for me and Joey. Kid doesn't take up much space, but he can sure eat.

    Hey, have you seen my wheels? Roundabout does great work, yeah? Figure she won't be this pretty for long, but I do like the look and the lines.


    Oh, and yeah, let's change highlights. Valentine highlights SeaTac.
  • photo Dog3recolor.png

    I reset my Hx with SeaTac and mark XP [3]

    I think SeaTac knows me better. It's the most we've ever talked in that Mixer, I think.

    I spend one barter on my rock and roll lifestyle.

    Gates Highlights me.
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    Vignette, highlight Cool. I think you're going to need it in days to come, solidifying your place in Pike.

    Bon, highlight Weird. You've been dancing around the edges for a long time, but it feels like working with Home might finally mean you've got to dip your toe in.

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    Seatac! You get to highlight me this time.

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    Wealth roll: (Rolled: 2d6+0. Rolls: 4, 6. Total: 10)

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    Let's see Dog do Hot.
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    Val highlights me.
  • photo Valentine_zpssjfm5cvh.jpg

    August, Do not think that you are less. Stay Sharp.

    And if you would do me the honor of a reciprocal highlight?
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    Dear Valentine, always on your toes... also highlight sharp.
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    SeaTac, I fear there are rough waters ahead. Stay Sharp.
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    August, highlight Cool
    Bon, highlight Hot
    Dog, highlight Sharp
    Gates, highlight Weird
    SeaTac, highlight Hot
    Valentine, highlight Hot
    Vignette, highlight Sharp
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    HX Rollover Custom Move!

    If you =reach HX 4 with another person's character and reset HX with them, you may ask that character a question. The player must answer it honestly. You can work out how your PC knows this information with them. Play nice. :)

    I think we had at least one rollover this last session!
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    Gates, I gotta wonder... seems to me most of the folks I've met that seem holy fall into two categories: the fakes, and the ones with something dark in their past they're atoning for. I don't think you're a fake... I'd like to know a bit about the darkness. Don't have to tell me everything, mind, but Sarge used to say you could know a person by their scars.
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    So, SeaTac, you were part of a whole Unit, and all. I know things went wrong and you've been alone for a long time. I feel that. What's something you want to get back the most from that time when the Unit was together, now that you're rebuilding some bonds with people?
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    No one big thing, per se, SeaTac, but I grew up in a church that was the exact opposite o' the one that I run. Similar structure- leader overseein' everythin', but the kind o' leader that that takes more than he gives and uses his followers trust in him to his advantage. I guess one o' the fakes yer talkin' about.

    Never think much about it, but I'm probably his son. There was a guy in the church my mama was married to in some fashion or another, but I think that Cardshack- that was his name, Cardshack- arranged it. They never seemed to love each other much. They just both seemed... broken. By him. By his ways. And, like I said, he took whatever he wanted from folks like my ma so... yeah. I guess I'm prolly his son. A lot of us kids were his, I reckon.

    Anyway, the whole thing fell apart in a bloody mess, as that sort o' thing is wont to do. I moved on, cynical and hard, far from the Lord, ne'er wantin' that kind o' thing in my life again.

    After my family passed, however, I started hearin' His voice. Guess He drew me back. I try to do things differently than how I was raised, though. Just about whatever that man did, I do the opposite. Figure that'll actually keep me doin' right by the Lord and my family.

    So I guess it ain't that I'm fakin' or tryin' to make amends for somethin'. More like I'm tryin' to make somethin' good outta all the bad I come across. Cause if all that doesn't mean somethin', then it means nothin', and I can't abide that.
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    Hmmm. Truth is, the easy answer is "everything and nothing." I miss what was, the order of it, the knowing that I didn't have to care what was right because someone I trusted knew what was right. Under that, though, I gotta wonder why I think Sarge or One-Eye or any of the others knew what was right.

    Answer is? I miss knowing what to do. I miss trusting someone to point me in a direction and just going. I miss being part of something bigger than me. Not getting that back, though. What I want to get back? Can't say Daze's bread... that's gone. Can't say "Someone on my six." Working on that with Joey, and sort of learning that there are others that could do that, if I asked.

    I miss being a bullet.

    Don't know what I'm hoping to get back, though. Maybe if I'm not a bullet, what I want to get back is a trigger. Or a scope. Or some other stupid whatsit... metaphor.
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    Everyone wants you. Everyone. You are a tide of beauty, charisma and sexuality that simply overwhelms. You are told how beautiful you are. How perfect. How stunning. And so it goes.

    What flaw are you most ashamed of?


    That is quite the trick, your performance. Every posture, look and expression practiced to be just so, catalogued and delivered ad hoc with impeccable timing. The most marvelous thing is how genuine it feels to everyone. And in a sense it is. I don't doubt your goodwill or motivations. But you operate at a remove. There are layers and walls and always the tiniest hint of artifice that most are pleased to ignore, or too dull to detect.

    Tell me about the last person to tuly get past the mask.

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    Dear Bon. You labor under an assumption that, while common, is false. Whatever beauty I have comes from something other than perfection. I am rife with flaws. I have no exquisite symmetry and my features, under cold examination, likely have only the same beauty that so many have. You are not difficult to look at yourself, Bon. Whatever draws people to me is something else, nothing so simple as beauty.

    When I breathed only at Harbormaster's indulgence, I wondered at what it was that captivated him about me. Before he'd found me, taken my freedom and my pride, I don't remember being treated as such a prize. My stories, yes -- Char always told me that I had a way with cadence, with rhyme -- but not me. Harbormaster cultivated that quality just as he worked at breaking me. But he didn't break me. I didn't let him. Maybe that is what people are drawn to? The unbrokenness.

    And yet, my shame? You yourself, Bon, touched it with your fingers, your mouth.

    It may not appear to be a flaw to others -- it is beautiful, to see. Amid the delicate lines and curls of the tattoo on my arm and chest is a poem in a language I cannot read called "The Story of Nothing." Harbormaster would read it to me in a sing-song voice after we'd been intimate in his chambers. It spoke of a woman who thought too highly of herself and tried to shine a mirror on the world. But the mirror was heavy, it breaks and the woman dies alone. No one remembers her name or any of the stories she carried. Of course, hidden amidst the leaves and calligraphy is Harbormaster's signature.
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    This was some years back. I had taken a lover, a firebrand from the duels. And o, were we happy. O the sparks and lightning!

    There was another, a jealous one, who felt scorned and rebuked when I did not show affection. After all, I was off the market. What's a body to do?

    One night, he came after me, drunk as a lord with his head full of bad ideas. I was alone... and caught with my pants down, so to speak, I was not strong enough. There was a struggle... and the mask slipped firmly into place.

    After a time, I sent his corpse into the red.

    Do not tell anyone, o Bon. This I beg.
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